Contest: Excited About The Mainnet?

Join a creative contest and show everyone how enthusiastic you are about the Mainnet.

Photo by Jason Leung

CONTEST HAS ENDED ON 18.11.2018 (Sunday), 23:59 CEST

You can already feel that the æternity Mainnet is just around the corner! It’s been an incredible journey so far and we are getting close to a major milestone. We would like to see how excited about the Mainnet you are with fun contest!

æternity may be just a toddler but we are persistently moving forward. Over the last two years, we managed to persevere despite challenges along the way. We are currently on track to launch one of the most technologically advanced public blockchain platforms in the industry. For months we have worked to grow the platform, one code line at a time, and create a highly efficient, scalable, and easy-to-use blockchain platform — home to the next generation of decentralized applications.

æternity is an infant prodigy

We don’t fall for the hype around groundbreaking theories, but instead bet on battle-tested, well-researched solutions, and experienced developers. The incorporation of Proof-of-Work mining, Cuckoo Cycle, and Bitcoin-NG are all proofs in this respect.

Seeing the secrets of the universe through its oracles, æternity knows that any journey is more fulfilling when shared with friends. With this in mind, the Starfleet Incubator was launched by æternity Ventures, bringing on board the æternity spaceship 9 startups from around the world. Furthermore, many brilliant people joined our team or became partners. æmbassadors from all over the globe became part of our family, while others are yet to join the community as nodes, miners, oracles, æpp developers, testers, and bounty hunters.

All these efforts have led us to a pivotal moment in æternity’s history — Mainnet launch. We are all buzzing! Are you?

Show us how thrilled you are about the Mainnet by sharing a photo, picture, drawing, meme, or by recording a song or video. Alternatively, feel free to use whatever form of expression your imagination can produce! The five most original ideas will each receive 50 AE tokens of our appreciation 🙂

Send us your ideas, together with the ETH address where you want to receive your AE tokens, by posting them in this dedicated Forum topic:

DEADLINE: CONTEST HAS ENDED ON 18.11.2018 (Sunday), 23:59 CEST

Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!

Much love,
The AE team

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