AE Token Migration Phase 0 is Now Over!

Anyone who migrated their tokens before November 25, 00:16:56 CET, will have their AE included in the Genesis Block.

89 000 000 AE tokens were migrated in Phase 0.

If you have used the token migration web page to migrate your AE after November 25, 00:16:56 CET, your tokens will become part of Phase 1. Phase 1 will end with a scheduled hard fork of the æternity network in February, 2019.

Here is the predicted AE token migration schedule:

  • End of Phase 0: November 25, 2018 [COMPLETED]
  • End of Phase 1: February, 2019 [IN PROGRESS]
  • End of Phase 2: May, 2019
  • End of Phase 3: After 2 September, 2019*

You can check your balance, using your æternity account here:

If you have any questions, please post them in this migration-dedicated topic in the Forum.

*Ethereum AE tokens become non-transferable

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