Apply to Join the æpps Summit!

A chance to be at the forefront of emerging technology and the beginning of the æpps ecosystem

After the successful launch of Roma, the first live implementation of the æternity blockchain one of æternity’s focal points in the new year will be the development of a rich æpps ecosystem. In order to spur its creation, we are excited to announce that we will hold a special æpps summit in the third week of January in the area of Antalya, Turkey!

The æpps summit will be a unique gathering where the æpps team will come together with members of different teams within æternity. They will dedicate the week to discussions surrounding the topic of decentralized applications. The aim of the event is to share knowledge, discuss the most pressing issues in the space, and work together on new approaches.

Because æternity is an open-source project that is being built collaboratively, we encourage developers within the community to apply to join the summit! Due to limited capacity, we will make selections for the event based on hopeful participants’ contributions to the project, longevity of involvement, and level of knowledge about development and coding. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out this form so the æternity team can learn more about you and why you would like to join us at this exciting event:

Some important information to note:

  • You can apply through the form until December 31st, 23:59 (CET)
  • The summit will take part from the January 15–18, 2019
  • We are happy to take care of participants’ accommodation during the summit.
  • We can cover travel expenses, in the form of AE tokens. We offer 1 CHF worth of tokens for each 10 km that you live from Antalya, up to a maximum of 500 CHF.

We look forward to receiving your applications, and hope to welcome you soon to the æpps summit!

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