Important Stability Release and New Sophia Compiler Features

Node operators, especially miners and pools, are strongly encouraged to update their software to version 1.2.0.

Last week æternity Roma v1.2.0 was released. 1.2.0 is a maintenance release that contains several major stability improvements. All users, especially miners and pools, are strongly encouraged to upgrade. The binaries can be found here.

The following improvements were introduced in this release:

  • Cuckoo miner config and processing were updated to allow multiple simultaneous miners.

This impacts the mining configuration:

  1. changes mining > cuckoo > miner param to mining > cuckoo > miners and makes mining > cuckoo > miner param deprecated;
  2. moves mining > cuckoo > miner > edge_bits param to mining > cuckoo section;
  3. adds native Windows build support. Instructions for building a node on Windows can be found in/docs/ We are working on integrating the Windows building process into our Continuous Integration infrastructure, so in upcoming releases pre-built Windows binaries will be available as a part of the release;
  4. improves the handling of errors in contract create and contract call transactions;
  5. enhances the Sophia compiler to correctly reject some programs that resulted in incorrect bytecode.

A number of new features were added to the Sophia compiler:

  • added operators mod, ++, bsl, bsr, and ^,
  • added function String.sha3,
  • added events,
  • added builtin functions Int.to_str and Address.to_str.

The Sophia compiler has been moved to a separate repository.

Release 1.2.0 is backward compatible with releases v1.1.* and v1.0.*.

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