The Drone Graffiti Project Launch

æternity is thrilled to announce the launch of the Drone Graffiti Project, a revolutionary creative medium enabling æternity’s community around the globe to create urban art, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure that the artwork will be forever stored in an uncensorable, immutable and permissionless ledger.

Art + Blockchain

The marriage of urban art and blockchain is a natural fit. Masterpieces produced in public spaces are all-too-often fleeting in nature, as concerned parties rush to have them painted over or removed. Graffiti has always been a means of expression and of free speech, a tool by which artists provide illustrative commentary from the politically motivated to the aesthetically pleasing — on the walls of city streets.

By anchoring these temporary works of art in a digital ledger, they become permanent and their message amplified. No longer is viewership limited to a couple hundred people passing a wall over the course of a week, it’s permanently open to the world.

As we started to explore this concept a year ago, we followed æternity founder Yanislav Malahov’s vision: the use of drones to do the work once reserved to the most agile of artists, enabling anyone, anywhere to take the reins and have drones produce the art in the requestor’s style. The idea of combining art and technology to empower, unite and inspire individuals around the globe falls heavily in line with æternity’s core values, and why we chose a blockchain-based system to launch Drone Graffiti with.

æternity’s Founder, Yanislav Malahov

æternity Blockchain

æternity’s blockchain is incredibly versatile and scalable, incorporating functions like state channels (for the execution of private off-chain smart contracts between parties) and oracles (for attesting to the integrity of data being transmitted).

These features make it an ideal platform for developers and businesses wishing to launch powerful and uncensorable applications (or æpps), much like that available to users now for the Drone Graffiti project.

The use of blockchain technology to secure works of art with unique digital identities has been discussed at length over the past few years, but this is a real use case, demonstrated through an entire new medium, fostering a global community of artists in a distributed ecosystem.

World’s First Live Urban Art Installation

The inaugural Drone Graffiti event will take place from 8–10 February 2019 in a location we felt best reflected the ethos of the project: Mexico City, the Mecca of street art. The Drone Graffiti Project will complete the world’s first live urban art installation powered by blockchain where drones will spray art on the walls in Roma Norte alongside Latin America’s most important art fair.

Mr. Kone

The drone graffiti art will coexist on the streets of Mexico’s capital alongside famous muralists such as Diego Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco, whose work has set the stage for the acceptance of public urban art, and whose artwork around the city and beyond has stood the test of time.

We look forward to showcasing the technology by having three artists simultaneously producing art that will also stand the test of time immortalized on the æternity blockchain.

Smithe | Tom Edwards

What’s Next?

In Spring 2019, we’ll demonstrate the true scale of the platform and its potential for mass collaboration: through æternity’s soon-to-be-released æpp, users will be able to upload their own images that will be stitched together to form one enormous work of art on a building near Mexico City’s Paseo de Reforma and the iconic Monumento a la Revolución.

For illustration purposes only. Not a real image.

We hope to make this project not only one of the most memorable in tech circles, but in the broader art and crowdsourcing movements as a whole. Stay tuned!

Drone Graffiti will make its warm up event with live graffiti, in the Mecca of street art — Mexico City from February 8–10, 2019. This will be the first public showcase of the Drone Graffiti concept and will coincide with Mexico City Art Week.

The main Drone Graffiti event will be a collaborative, crowdsourced performance in the Spring of 2019. Through the æternity æpp that is currently being developed, Drone Graffiti will combine hundreds of images to make one large-size collaborative crowdsourced painting.

We hope to make the Drone Graffiti Project one of the most inspiring art events of 2019!

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