Preparations to close Phase 1 of AE Token Migration

After making sure that release 1.4.0 was running smoothly, the æternity core dev team began focusing on preparations for the Minerva release.

Minerva will close Phase 1 of AE Token Migration and contains a number of consensus-breaking changes that improve AEVM, the Sophia language, and state channels.

In addition to this, the following tasks have also been accomplished:

  • State channels now perform off-chain signature validation: PT#163083413
  • As a result of multiple requests to create an API endpoint for calculating the total token supply at height, we have created this: PT#163645385
  • Also, an API for getting an account at height can be found here: PT#163736630

Moreover, we are getting close to releasing a stable Windows package of the æternity node. We have set up a separate CI for testing and creating Windows releases. We have also prepared a number of Windows nodes in our Testnet for ensuring smooth interactions between nodes running under Windows and Ubuntu and OS X nodes. Release 1.4.0 already contains an experimental Windows release.

We kindly ask you to download it, test it and if you have any issues with running æternity under Windows, report them in our Forum or GitHub issue tracker.

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