æternity blockchain’s First Hardfork and Minerva Release

The first scheduled fork of the æternity network is fast approaching. Learn the details!

In November of last year, the first live implementation of the æternity blockchain — the Roma Release, was launched. We envisioned back then that over the following year, we would execute three hardforks to upgrade the network. There are two main reasons behind these scheduled forks:

  • To give users several opportunities to migrate their AE (ERC20) tokens to the æternity Mainnet.
  • To gradually introduce new features and improvements to the æternity blockchain.

End of Migration Phase 1 is Tonight!

A kind reminder that Phase 1 of AE Token Migration ends today — February 15th, 11:59:59 PM CET (Friday)

Minerva Release

æternity’s core development team has been preparing for the Minerva release for quite some time now.

The second release of the æternity Mainnet is called Minerva — named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategy, and sponsor of arts!

Minerva will close Phase 1 of AE Token Migration and contains a number of consensus-breaking changes that improve AEVM, the Sophia language, and state channels.

The first scheduled protocol upgrade (fork) will be executed on the UAT Testnet in the morning of February 21st. The æternity core team will observe the performance of the UAT network and test for bugs before considering it good enough to be applied on the Mainnet. Once the fork software is deemed Mainnet-ready, the dev team will publish Release 2.0 (Minerva) in GitHub.

Node operators will have until March 6, 2019 to update their software to version 2.0. This will allow them to remain on the æternity Mainnet after March 6.

Since there is no notion of ‘time’ in blockchain in the strict sense, the exact activation date could not be indicated in advance. As an alternative, the core team will approximate time in key-blocks and will define the height of the key-block in the blockchain starting with which:

a) the balances of the users who migrated their tokens will be updated

b) the consensus-breaking changes will be introduced.

Given the average key-block creation time is 3 minutes, the Minerva upgrade is likely to become active around March 6th, 2019!

Bear in mind that all the migrated AE tokens during Phase 1 will become available after that moment.

More information is coming soon!

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