Minerva Fork Testing and Planning for Fortuna

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Last week work was dedicated to both protocol upgrades — Minerva and Fortuna.

Last week the æternity core developers were in Krakow, Poland. The team was engaged in the final preparations for the Minerva protocol upgrade (fork) and dedicated some of their time planning the features of the next scheduled fork that will happen in May, 2019.

With regard to the Minerva release, the devs uploaded the first release candidate for the Minerva fork — versioned as 2.0.0-rc1 — and deployed it to the UAT Testnet. This allowed the team to:

  • test the interoperability between pre-2.0.0 (Roma) nodes and Minerva nodes that feature consensus-breaking rules (to be activated with the hard fork),
  • test the hard-forking mechanism, and
  • monitor the Minerva nodes behavior on the Testnet.

On Tuesday (19.02.2019) release candidate 2.0.0-rc1 was released and deployed to the UAT Testnet. On Friday 22.02 the Minerva hard fork was executed on the same Testnet.

Since no issues were been identified, the developer team proceeded with preparing the official 2.0.0 Minerva release that will trigger the hard fork around 06.03.2019.

Planning for the Fortuna Release (3.x.x)

In addition to the protocol upgrade testing and preparation, the team dedicated their time in Poland to planning of the scope of the next scheduled fork — Fortuna.

The fork will happen after the end of migration Phase 2 in May 2019.

The Fortuna Release is expected to feature further improvements to æternity’s virtual machine, Sophia smart contract language and state channels. In addition, Fortuna should upgrade the æternity node with Stratum functionality and will introduce tools allowing extensive monitoring of the performance of the æternity network.

The release schedule for Fortuna will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

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