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The æternity crypto Foundation is pleased to announce a donation of 16472 AE tokens to

We are excited to have a short interview with the grantee, Mr. Liu Yang, a long-time community supporter.

First of all, congratulations Mr. Liu for the successful grant application! Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself and your project?

Thank you very much for the generous donation from the Foundation!

Professionally, I am developing and maintaining a data management system in the manufacturing industry. In my spare time, I am an active writer in the Chinese academic community,, and I manage several websites and online communities (QQ groups), comprised of around 30K mechatronics engineers. In 2016, I entered the crypto world to look for a file sharing system (IPFS) and a digital currency (ETH) for my website.

In 2017, when æternity released its whitepaper, I was immediately drawn to it.

We felt the urgent need to create Mr. Zhang Liang and I analysed and talked about the mining data of the æternity Testnet in Mark’s (æternity’s Chinese Community Manager) Wechat group. Many people were interested in that, so I decided to share the information through a website — that’s how started. Then, as the community’s needs expanded, AEKnow also grew.

How did you learn about the donation program from æternity Crypto Foundation and what made you decide to apply?

I learned about the donation program from Tina (æternity’s Asia Pacific Regional Manager). As AEKnow was funded merely with my own pocket money in a lean way, the servers’ performance remained a bottleneck. Additional funds could have made it much better and support the expansion of the ecosystem until it becomes self-sustaining.

When I thought about getting assistance for AEKnow, the æternity Crypto Foundation was my first choice.

How are you going to use the AE you have been granted?

I will use the majority of tokens for renting two medium-performance servers for one year — AEKnow would serve as a stable block data browser and provide resources for users and developers.

The remaining AE will be spent on daily operations such as recruitment of people testing the æternity infrastructure for small business applications.

If everything goes well in the next three to five months, more æternity-related projects should be started.

What excites you most about æternity?

From a technical aspect, the powerful integrated functions of æternity deeply excite me — state channels, oracles, the AENS (naming system), and the consensus protocol — Bitcoin-NG.

If you could give the æternity community one piece of advice as an early adopter, what would it be?

The design philosophy of æternity is very imaginative and the implementation is solid, but it is still a project in its infancy.

We hope that more friends of the community can participate in the growth and expansion of the ecosystem, and make æternity a mainstream decentralized digital value exchange network.

Thank you very much, Mr. Liu, for your time and for sharing your insights with us.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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