Block Reward Initiative: Voting Results

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After a week of voting, the æternity community overwhelmingly supported the Block Reward Initiative.

Here are the final results:

  • Mainnet AE tokens voting closed: May 15, 01:35 AM CEST
  • Ethereum AE tokens voting closed: May 15, 12:00 AM CEST
  • Number of AE tokens that voted: ~13,024,073 AE (Mainnet AE: ~12,869,238 AE and ~154,836 AE on Ethereum)
  • Tokens that supported the BRI: ~76.32%
  • Tokens that did not support the BRI: ~23.68%
  • 4.2% of all tokens in circulation participated
  • The average value of all positive votes after the end of the voting period: 10.89% (Protocol BRI: 10.9%)

Transparency and Vote Result Verification

To verify the voting result:

  • Make sure you have NodeJS 8 (or above) installed
  • Clone the hybrid voting æpp
  • Run ./ (installs dependencies and prints the result)

Detailed data:

Protocol change:

Use of the BRI AE Tokens

AE tokens from the Block Reward Initiative will be dedicated to æternity’s technical development.

If the miners adopt the protocol change, the BRI AE tokens will be held under the governance of the æternity Crypto Foundation, a 100% charitable foundation established in Liechtenstein, which is supervised by the corresponding regulatory body.

The æternity Crypto Foundation will report development activities the tokens were spent on.

Future Governance Votes

The first step æternity made towards #tokenocracy was a success.

There is always room for improvement and æternity’s governance will become better with practice. The community feedback that was shared will be taken into account for the next vote.

The community is invited to use all developed open-source tools, the Hybrid Voting æpp for example, and can also propose topics to vote on. Please share your thoughts in this Forum topic:

Moreover, in the near future there will be a Voting æpp that allows proposals to be voted on any subject.

If you believe that there is an important vote that needs to be organized as soon as possible, start a discussion in the Forum.

We are looking forward to developing the æternity governance further with the help of the entire community, and would like to see many community-initiated votes in the future!

The æternity Crypto Foundation would like to thank everyone for debating and participating in the block reward initiative.

Learn more about the first version of æternity’s on-chain governance mechanism used in the BRI vote, and how and why it was performed:

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