Getting Ready for Fortuna, Incorporating the BRI Voting Result, and Enhancing State Channels

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Learn what the æternity core developers team focused on during the last two weeks in this short update.

During the last two weeks, the æternity dev team focused on finalizing the Fortuna release, incorporating the BRI result in Fortuna, removing deprecated APIs, and improving state channels. Find detailed info below.

Hard Fork-Related Work

All consensus and API-breaking features were merged into master and released as Fortuna Release Candidate 1 (RC1), versioned as 3.0.0-rc.1.

The RC1 will trigger a hard fork of the Testnet on May 20 (Monday) and will make the latest features available. This will allow developers to test the compatibility of their software and make sure their æpps and tools function properly after the hard fork.

The final Fortuna Release (3.0.0) is scheduled to become available in GitHub on May 22, 2019.

BRI: Developer Reward

The first on-chain governance vote in the æternity Universe — the Block Reward Initiative — was concluded early in the morning of May 15. Its results were merged to master, becoming part of the protocol with the Fortuna Release Candidate 1. The dev team has already deployed it to the Testnet and additional testing environments. The configuration and documentation regarding the protocol breaking changes related to the BRI was updated and the new protocol braking mechanisms were verified.

State Channels

The following state channels tasks were completed:

  • Finished the refactoring of off-chain updates being part of the Noise Protocol and not part of the on-chain protocol. This allows different protocols to be used and lowers the amount of data posted on-chain in a dispute;
  • Fixed a serialization issue in the channels WebSocket API that could cause inconsistencies in off-chain contract execution;
  • Removed the WebSocket legacy API;
  • Increased the Force Progress base price in order to make it match the price of a regular contract call;
  • Introduced a logs searching script;
  • Revised the WebSocket error responses and made them more consistent;
  • Taught the Finite State Machine how to treat Generalized Accounts (remains a work in progress);
  • Improved the WebSocket API related to the solo closing sequence (work in progress as well).

The dev team also managed to merge a number of bug fixes and continued their work on the Stratum implementation. Stratum was integrated in the testing environment and the contract that manages the reward payments to miners was debugged.

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