The House of Blockchain Turns One! Join the Party this Friday.

Come to the House of Blockchain to relax, network, and exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Since its inception in May of 2018, the House of Blockchain (HoB) has grown in all directions. It is currently the home of twenty one teams, including well-known companies like Bitcoin Suisse Liechtenstein, TenX, the æternity Crypto Foundation , TV-TWO, Smart Valor, and of course, the founding members: æternity Establishment and Nägele Attorneys at Law.

A bird’s eye perspective of the HoB.

The House of Blockchain’s manager, Mattia Martinez describes the co-working space as an open house where you can just relax, network, and discuss the hottest developments coming from the space on a daily basis. And this is exactly what we’re going to do on May 24, for the House’s first anniversary in Liechtenstein.

Mattia Martinez, House of Blockchain’s Manager.

We’re going to have our first anniversary party on Friday and we have more than 100 people coming! We invited everyone from the local ecosystem, æternity team members, friends, and supporters of the House of Blockchain.

The HoB was launched during a particularly tumultuous period in the cryptocurrency space. Yet the House persevered through the storms and maintained a steady growth level, making this anniversary all the more worth celebrating. Mattia sees this as a testament to strategic planning, hard work, and consistency. All of those (and more) made the HoB a resilient project able to go through the tough cycles in the blockchain sphere.

We’re very proud of how far we’ve come within just one year — and especially for thriving despite the Crypto Winter.

We were able to yield profits despite a large part of the blockchain industry struggling, with some even shutting down completely. We stood our ground and remained solid. We even added great new projects to the HoB family.

And in case you are wondering, yes — everyone is invited to the anniversary party.

Everybody is welcome! People should sign up with their name and email so we can notify them in case we add some last-minute surprises before or after the event.

What’s Next for the House of Blockchain?

While the House of Blockchain’s first year has been quite eventful, the following years are expected to be even more so.

The House of Blockchain will continue to pursue excellence with the goal of becoming a brand associated with innovation powerhouses all over the world.

My personal vision is to have a network of hubs — several House of Blockchain locations on a global scale, and at least one House of Blockchain on every continent.

Mattia wants to establish an office hub, event hub, meet-up hub, and connect them with the æmbassadors program in countries like Kenya, Bulgaria, the United States, Venezuela, and other states all over the world.

We want to be a hub for blockchain and crypto innovation in Liechtenstein and the world. Our goal is to contribute to the development of blockchain technology on a global scale.

Is the House exclusive to æternity projects? Not really.

The HoB garden.

Of course, we would love to have as many æternity start-ups in the House — and we will with Starfleet’s Cryptic Legends by the end of the year. But we do encourage crypto and blockchain-agnostic companies to come over. That’s what inclusion means.

A Cozy, Serene Office With an Alpine View

View from the HoB office. Bask in the beauty of the Swiss Alps while changing the world with blockchain.

The House of Blockchain is really the perfect setting for all types of social interactions, including panel discussions and informal beer hangouts.

A panel discussion dedicated to blockchain technology.

The indoor area is not a very large space — but we do have a backyard garden. It has a fantastic view of the Swiss Alps on one side, and the Royal Castle on the other. It’s really the perfect ambiance for conversations over beer.

The view.

Come join the party! It’s not an event you would want to miss!

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