The Majority of Mining Power Adopted Fortuna

The æternity protocol was upgraded to version 3.0.1 at block 90800.

The æternity mining community adopted the Fortuna Release today at block height 90800. That block was mined at 09:53:04 UTC by beepool. The Aeternity Establishment and æternity Crypto Foundation followed the majority of miners and also adopted the Fortuna upgrade.

The Fortuna Release incorporated the result of the first on-chain governance vote (BRI), migrated more than 72 million Ethereum AE tokens to the æternity Mainnet, and introduced Generalized Accounts (GAs).

Generalized Accounts

Dr. Hans Svensson, who worked on the implementation of GAs in the æternity protocol, explained what GAs are and what advantages they bring in a short video. Dimitar Ivanov was also part of the discussion and focused on state channels development in the period after the Minerva fork in February. Dimitar shared his thoughts on what can be expected from the next Fortuna releases and what will it take to run state channels without a node.

If you want to learn more about Fortuna or find out which exchanges have announced their support for the æternity Mainnet AE token, read this blog post:

You can share your thoughts about Fortuna in the new Fortuna-dedicated sub-category in the Forum.

The next scheduled hardfork of the æternity protocol is expected to happen in September.

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