Create a Community Building Campaign and Grow the Æcosystem

Contribute to the growth of the æternity movement by proposing a Community Campaign. Why not start with one related to æternity Universe?


  • Anyone can now propose campaigns that raise awareness and grow the æternity community by following the simple Campaign Proposal Format.
  • A campaign could be anything from a writing contest or a bounty, to an event or a hackathon.
  • All Community Building Campaigns (CBCs) will be evaluated by an Evaluation Board.
  • A positive evaluation will lead to the funding of the campaign.

In order to accelerate ecosystem growth, anyone can now propose Community Building Campaigns and get the support and funding required to execute them.

All kinds of community building campaigns are welcome as long as they raise awareness about the advantages of æternity’s technology locally and globally.

The CBCs initiative enables a global community of æternity supporters to propel æternity’s technology and vision at an exponential rate by engaging in various activities on and off-line.

What we are looking for

To be most effective in your efforts, it is strongly recommended to target developers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who could benefit from the advanced technological features of the æternity protocol. However, campaigns that aim to reach a wider audience could also be valuable and will be considered.

A Community Building Campaign could be anything from a bounty campaign in Bitcointalk, or an article in CoinDesk, to creating websites or landing pages dedicated to æternity, the Universe One conference or organizing hackathons that aim to exemplify the utility of æternity’s technology.

Here is how to create your first CBC:

1. Read and abide by the Campaign Review Guidelines.

2. Describe your campaign by following the Campaign Proposal Format.

3. Submit your draft campaign in the Forum.

The æternity Forum now features a Community Campaigns section and four sub-sections. Once you have replied to the Campaign Proposal Format questions, you can copy/paste the text in the Forum, in the Draft Campaigns section. You will get feedback on your campaign there before it moves to the evaluation stage.

4. Campaign evaluation.

Once your campaign idea is fine-tuned based on the initial feedback, it will be moved to the Campaigns for Evaluation sub-category in the Forum. It will be included in the Agenda of one of the bi-weekly (twice per week) calls and voted on by the æternity community campaigns Evaluation Board. You will have the chance to present the campaign yourself. The Evaluation Board may require additional clarifications and refinements to approve your campaign. You can find details on how the Evaluation Board functions and who are its members in the Campaign Review Guidelines.

5. Receive approval.

If your campaign is approved, it will be moved to the Active Campaigns sub-section. You will be asked to provide updates on its progress there.

6. Launch your campaign!

The Evaluation Board may ask the campaign lead to provide a progress report on the execution of the campaign during one of the bi-weekly calls. All completed campaigns go to the Completed Campaigns sub-section. Should you want to extend or expand your campaign, you’ll have to post a new proposal for approval.

If you have any questions, get in touch with an æternity team member in any of the communications channels.

The best place to find answers is the Forum.

The CBC tool was initially created to promote the æternity Universe One conference — the first major event dedicated to the æternity ecosystem. The conference was successfully held in September 2019 — you can watch recordings of all the talks here:

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