March 2020 Updates

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Be a Superhero. Send help where it’s needed.

Throughout Internet history, content monetization has been restricted by the rules and prejudices of a select few: Internet giants who dictate which content can receive monetary rewards on their platform — with users being banned, funds frozen on subjective grounds.

The end of this era is here.

Superhero is giving the people back their freedom to transact.
Monetize content without third-party intervention — no censorship, no commissions, unhindered, fully P2P transactions at near-zero fees.

Support your favorite charitable causes, fundraisers, quality content, musicians, artists, influencers — anything on the Internet. Within a few clicks, content can be monetized so long as the website is live.

Send help where it’s needed. Be one of the first to take part in the free web.

Sign up for the waiting list here:

Starfleet India: Genesis Week

AE Ventures and IBC Media have kicked off Starfleet 4 with 13 shortlisted blockchain startups from different parts of India. Read more about the contenders for the fourth edition of the accelerator through their Medium post:

You can now trade AE tokens through Changelly!

Crypto exchange Changelly has added AE Mainnet tokens to its cryptocurrency trading list — users can now buy AE tokens using their credit cards through the platform.

“With the current launch, casual traders globally can access yet another easy-to-use tool to trade AE tokens. Non-custodial exchanges like Changelly provide an important on-ramp for new cryptocurrency users worldwide.”
– Yanislav Malahov.

Read more about it here:

JellySwap: AE-ETH, AE-BTC Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps Go Live

Users can now swap ETH and BTC for AE tokens (and vice versa) in a fully decentralized manner through JellySwap, which allows instant and secure cross-chain transactions using a fully decentralized atomic swap technology. More pairs with AE may be added in the future, according to the JellySwap team. Tito Titov, CEO of WeiDex — which created JellySwap, opened an AMA session regarding this development, as well as their future project on the æternity platform last week through æternity’s Telegram channel.

Read a summary of the AMA here:

Events — Ulf Wiger at GOTO Conference

æternity’s core developer Ulf Wiger went to Copenhagen to discuss building a blockchain in Erlang at the GOTO Conference late last year:

Yanislav Malahov in Davos

Recently, æternity founder Yanislav Malahov joined Charles Hoskinson for a Fireside Chat at Davos. He also introduced æternity and talked about building a decentralized future at the Genesis Devcon in India. Read IBC Media’s extensive feature about æternity at this event on Medium, or watch the video below:

Scam Alert

A lot of users have reported instances of scammers impersonating æternity community members through job ads. Please note that the only official contact for job applications for openings at æternity is

Rest assured that the community is doing its best to take down these scams. In the meantime, please stay vigilant — do not readily disclose information without checking on the sender’s identity. If you’re unsure, you can always ask questions on the Forum. Report dubious and fraudulent messages through this thread.

Help us track down the offenders and win a bounty:


The æternity Establishment is hiring for the following positions:

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Director — Asia Pacific
  • Head of Partner Management
  • Developer Advocate
  • Project Manager

As earlier mentioned, please remember that job applications should be sent to

View all job opportunities and apply here.

Open Bounties

There are plenty of opportunities within the æternity ecosystem. There are currently two bounties open to the public. Feel free to apply.

If you have ideas that would help expand the æternity ecosystem, the community is also open for proposals:

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