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Changing the game for prediction markets 🚀

You might already be familiar with one of the latest æternity use cases in development – æVegas App. Last year’s Akshwani Hæck Superhero Community Award winner, developed by long-time æternity contributor Bai Xin has entered its gameplay testing phase! 🎮🎯

æternity-based prediction market Dapp

As described by Bai Xin, æVegas App is a prediction market software that draws on content from various sources of real world data in an effort to foresee the outcome of a set of events. Running completely on the mighty æternity blockchain, the æVegas App liberates the prediction markets for everybody.

æVegas App’s easy-to-use interface allows those who participate in predicting the outcome of an event to contribute to a pool from which the winners share their prize. Part of this prize goes to the Oracles as a fee for their contribution, which, as Bai Xin puts it, is a win-win situation.

The structure of æVegas

At present, the Beta version is split into two ways of playing: world-class prediction and private prediction, covering two different scenarios:

  • World-class prediction, on one hand, is intended for events such as the World Cup, NBA, or even the US Presidential Elections — the kind of events that people from all over the world can take part in;
  • Private prediction, on the other hand, is a small-scale forecast scenario intended for friend groups and has to do with local events (for example, if it will rain tomorrow).

And with roles of those taking part split into:

  • Domination — the community votes to open the topic of prediction, and the prediction released by this role will be seen by everyone
  • Judge — this is the data provider of the prediction; the judge provides the data to the contract after the deadline for the release of the issue; to become a judge, one must pledge a certain amount of Æ coins
  • Participant — those who participate by voting on predictions
  • Miner — those who update the status of the prediction

Join the testing phase

The testing process has now started, and here’s how to take part in it:

1. Firstly, install the Superhero browser wallet using Firefox, Brave or Google Chrome;

2. After logging in to the wallet, switch to Æ Testnet Network in the Settings and receive the Æ test coins:
a. Settings →Network→Testnet

b. Browse the faucet URL and input your wallet address to receive test Æ coins address → https://faucet.aepps.com/

3. Visit æVegas App to test out your experience!

If you already have your Superhero wallet set up and hold some Æ (on Testnet), you can just skip the first two steps.

Switch to the æternity Testnet on your Superhero Wallet to test out æVegas App

The creator, Bai Xin says that, for the time being, users might experience some slowness due to the underlying server being his own, but that this will be ironed out quickly as development progresses.

Stay tuned to æternity and æVegas App for more updates!

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