æternity Node 6.5.0

New node release!

While the absolute primary focus of the æternity development team supported by the æternity Crypto Foundation remains affixed on hyperchains, a new node release still made its way into the world!

The new node, 6.5.0, is quite an important one for the next SDK version — an API bug was detected, a test case exposing it prepared, and a fix in the core code was delivered!

Check out the novelties of the new æternity node 6.5.0:

  • Fixes serialisation if int-as-string is enabled: numbers in lists gets
    converted to strings, dry_run endpoint accepts balance as string.
  • Introduces a State Channel option, msg_forwarding :: boolean(), which enables forwarding of generic messages based on the from and to headers.
    Without msg_forwarding: true, generic messages are discarded if the from field doesn’t match the peer pubkey and the to field doesn’t match the
    receiving FSM’s pubkey (the from value is implicit and doesn’t need to be provided by the sender). 
    With msg_forwarding enabled, the sending client
    can optionally provide either a remote from or a remote to (currently not both at the same time). The receiving FSM will add a notice field to
    the report to the client: the notice value will be one of direct, please_forward or forwarded, allowing the client to act accordingly.
    Note that in order to forward a message, the client needs to have a State Channel open to the intended recipient, and copy the message to that
    channel. An example can be found in the apps/channels/test/aesc_htlc_SUITE.
  • Introduces a new HTTP endpoint for fetching peer pool stats: connected
    (inbound and outbound), available for a new connection (verified and not yet
    verified) and blocked peers. This is part of the node-operator group that
    is bound to the internal interface and disabled by default. This new
    endpoint is intended for the node operator to be monitoring its node’s
  • Introduces a standalone binary artifact for supported platforms. Experimental.

Upgrading nodes to take advantage of the updated features is now available! Check out the full release here!

Also, make sure to follow the discussion surrounding the new node release here, on the æternity forum!

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