Creator Contest is Happening!

Have you been looking for a way to contribute to the æUnited Program, even if you are not a developer?

Well, we got the perfect opportunity for you to become part of our æcosystem and be rewarded for your support! All you need to do is create content and get as many impressions as possible on your creations, be it articles, social media posts, or videos!

How to Participate?

All æUnited contributors participating in the Creator’s Contest will be considered if the content they produce:

  • Is unique
  • Reaches the minimum rewards threshold
  • Complies with the guidelines

A reward in Æ coins corresponding to the contents’ impressions at the end of each month can be claimed as long as the necessary analytics/backups for the impressions are submitted. There are three types of content categories, and all of them can be participated in at the same time!

Types of Content Categories

  • Social Media Post Impressions (e.g. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn): 50 Æ coins per 1000 impressions
  • Editorial Content (e.g. Medium, Steemit, Hackernoon): 100 Æ coins per 1000 reads
  • Video Content (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo) : 150 Æ coins per 1000 views

Also, note this…

…any content that covers the upcoming Superhero DEXor Hyperchains Alpha receives a 30% boost on incentives earned!

For example, instead of earning 50 Æ coins per 1000 impressions on regular æternity Twitter content, you will earn 65 Æ coins for posts that relate to the focus topic!


Contributors are required to claim their Creator’s Rewards through this form on the last day of each month at the latest. Claims can only include impressions generated within the month. Late submissions disqualify for rewards.


Each content submission needs to comply with the following:

  • Mandatory: Mention at least ONE of the features of the æternity Blockchain protocol in your content (Erlang, Sophia, FATE VM, State Channels, Oracles, AENS, Generalized Accounts, Bitcoin-NG, or Hyperchains)
  • Optional: Mention at least one existing application that works or will work on top of the æternity Blockchain protocol (DEX, Superhero Trading Cards, Vereign, NFTs, ReCheck, etc.)
  • Include at least one hyperlink pointing to æternity and one hashtag #aeternity #DeFiReady in any of your published content

Generally, the content can be engaging and entertaining but is required to highlight the utility of the æternity blockchain.

Please refer to the Creators’ Contest Reward Form for more information regarding the Terms and Conditions of this Bounty.

If you have any further questions regarding the æUnited Creators’ Contest, feel free to ask on the æternity forum, where this topic shall be expanded on in the future!

And, as always — let us know what you think!

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