Liechtenstein CCA Token Summit

Crypto Country Association’s Token Summit, taking place in Liechtenstein, is happening this October 13 — and æternity Establishment is participating! Founder Yanislav Malahov and CTO Benjamin Huskic will participate in one presentation and one panel discussion in an effort to present and educate the wider crypto community on the advantages of the æternity blockchain.

The Token Summit seeks to converse about the legal fundamentals related to the broader blockchain environment as well as to help with comprehending the underlying by sharing knowledge. Indeed, Liechtenstein is the premier place for such discussions, especially given that the country has had a legal framework covering the blockchain sphere for over two years. Given that the EU-wide Markets in Crypto Assets regulation will shape the new reality in the coming months, the Token Summit comes just in time to evaluate the status of the general state of affairs.

Joining more than 600 participants from more than ten countries, the æternity Establishment, as a Platinum Sponsor of the event, will take part in one presentation and one panel discussion. Yani, will provide updates and insights on the latest Hyperchains developments via a presentation, while our CTO, Benjamin, will engage with other speakers in a panel discussion.

What is the status quo of crypto, really? What will the next generation of finance look like, and in what ways will the inevitable digitalization alter the very way in which we understand the concept of the financial industry? The Token Summit, and the æternity Establishment with it, will provide the answers.

Follow closely for further updates — we’ll be sure to convey how the Token Summit went and what were the key takeaways in due time! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the coverage of other events that the æternity Establishment took part in and is planning to visit! Also, please take a look at the winners of our latest Hackathon and don’t forget to follow the æternity forum for all major updates and developments.

The æternity blockchain offers a more scalable smart contract platform with advanced built-in features, such as state channels for smart contracts, a human-readable naming system, built-in oracles, and a hugely efficient virtual machine — FATE. With the æternity blockchain, the vision of facilitating fast transactions without forfeiting decentralization and rich functionality — is becoming a reality.

The Crypto Country Association, which stands behind the Token Summit, is an organization dedicated to supporting the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors in Liechtenstein. The aim of the association is the coordination of the application and dissemination of these ideas in Liechtenstein and beyond while at the same time providing quality assurance.

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