Happy Birthday æternity Blockchain!

It’s that time of the year again!

Four years ago, on this very day, the æternity blockchain was born. It was on this day, back in 2018, that the Mainnet was launched, and since then, the æcosystem has never stopped developing, growing, and evolving.

It is hard to believe that it has only been four years — given all of the shocks and turmoil that the blockchain space, and the entire world, went through. Still, even though it was not easy at times, the æternity blockchain never stopped helping people on the path towards creating a decentralized community built on the principles of cryptographically-secured open economy and inclusion.

Now, exactly four years after the Roma Release, the æternity blockchain has grown in many directions — without any intentions of stopping or slowing down. Next year will see the Ceres hard fork become a reality and take the æternity blockchain further still.

Thanks to the community of developers as well as miners and users — the protocol development of the æternity blockchain and continuous community contributions focused on trailblazing technology advancements. Surviving all the market volatilities, crypto winters, and overall shake-ups of the blockchain and crypto spaces, protocol development made progress in all areas.

To keep in mind

The æternity blockchain is, inherently, more efficient and stable than other blockchains. It is able to be on par with all other blockchains, all the while keeping fees down and making development easier and more profitable. Compared to the rest of the market, the æternity blockchain is equipped with the optimal mix of speed and specialization, thanks to FATE and Sophia. Of course, there is still an open avenue for all to employ their own token economics by using AEX-9 tokens, just like it is done with Ethereum.

Speaking of Ethereum, which has certain design flaws and allows for erring — it is much more difficult to make an error when using the æternity blockchain thanks to the Sophia smart contract language. Furthermore, the æternity blockchain needn’t resort to workaround solutions to make sure that the system does not get clogged — thanks to the very nature of Erlang that facilitates concurrent transaction processing, as well as the efficiency of the FATE VM.

Moreover, with Hyperchains coming soon, it is only a matter of time before the paradigm shifts for everyone. Thanks to Hyperchains, all will be able to run their own secure blockchain — private or public — without having to invest a fortune in mining equipment or facing other risks. Infinite scalability at a low cost.

-And much, much more to come-

Of course, the æcosytem also had the opportunity to benefit from the fact that travel has been made easier this year! Starting with a developer’s meet-up in Istanbul this May, the community also had the opportunity to come together at the Æternity Universe Two conference that took place this September!

The Æternity Universe Two brought together the forefront thinkers, market leaders, and overall brilliant people from the crypto and blockchain spaces, facilitating high levels of fruitful knowledge transfers, experience exchanges, and boosts in inspiration and creativity. (The best talks are available right here for those who missed it!)

Moreover — the Æternity Universe Three will take place, so save the date — August 28 — September 3!

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