æternity Ecosystem in 2023 — Here’s What’s New in the aeCommunity

æternity Blockchain — Where Freedom Meets Innovation

For the past four years, the æternity æcosystem has been constantly innovating, with community members always coming up with new, fresh ideas as to how the æternity Blockchain could be used for many applications.

Today, we are showcasing a few of these innovative projects, empowered by the æternity Blockchain, and connecting heaps of developers, enthusiasts, and future-orientated individuals. As the æpps æcosystem continues to evolve and grow, let’s take a deeper dive into the starting line-up.

Box æpp

The Box æpp, a multifunctional æpp, has been designed to serve as a powerful AE wallet, granting users access to the æternity naming system (AENS), facilitating DeFi use cases, and empowering seamless swapping of AEX-9 tokens. Moreover, the Box æpp facilitates access to games, smart contracts, instant messaging, data links, and more. The Box Mobile æpp is compatible with Android and iOS platforms, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base. You can follow the developmental work of the team behind the Box æpp — right here.

Graffiti æpp

The Graffiti æpp enables the transformation of pictures into a distinct artistic style. By using the æpp (you need a Superhero Wallet extension installed on your browser to use it), the users are “drawing” “directly on the blockchain,” paying for their creations to be displayed via the æpp for some time while being preserved forever.

A higher bid amount is required during the auction process for more complex pictures. Subsequently, an SVG file is uploaded to IPFS, ensuring decentralized accessibility while maintaining the privacy of the original input image. A reference to the artwork is then included in the graffiti auction smart contract on the æternity Blockchain. It works then that each bid in the auction encompasses the complexity of the picture, its coordinates, reference, and bid amount. All bids are accepted, but bids that offer a low payment to fit within the available space will be refunded to the participant.

Every aspect of this process is open-source, allowing everyone to participate, verify, and even automate the procedure due to its public nature. As a result, an immutable and publicly verifiable decentralized artwork is created!

Superhero Wallet

With the Superhero Wallet, you can easily store and withdraw AE coins and AEX-9 tokens, actively participate in the æcosystem community voting process to ensure your voice is heard and counted, and, in general, open up the entire cosmos of the æternity Blockchain.

One of the remarkable features of the Superhero Wallet is its ability to enable feeless, commission-free, and interference-free crypto transfers to anyone, anywhere in the world. Powered by the public and open-sourceæternity Blockchain, the Superhero Wallet restores the essence of value transfer. It provides a platform for seamless and secure transactions, empowering users to take control of their financial interactions.

The Superhero Wallet is conveniently accessible on popular platforms like Chrome, Brave, Opera, and Firefox. It is also available as a purely web-basedapplication for those who prefer it, welcoming developers to contribute to the code on GitHub. The Superhero Wallet app is available for mobile enthusiasts on Google Play and the App Store. This versatile app allows you to store, top up, and send crypto as well as to register or bid on AENS .chain names. Additionally, it facilitates access to the Superhero DEX.

Superhero DEX

The æternity Blockchain directly powers the Superhero DEX. Thanks to its advantages of the æternity Blockchain, the Superhero DEX has virtually no fees and facilitates access to swapping and adding liquidity to pools of trading pairs. Moreover, the Superhero DEX does not require any KYC procedures to take place, and no personal information is traded in, in exchange for gaining access to a financial environment. The users retain full access to their funds and control over their portfolios at all times — since Superhero DEX is non-custodial.


Hypermine is a start-up based in Bangalore, India, specializing in decentralized identity management solutions with a Single-Sign-On feature.

Leveraging the æternity Blockchain and machine learning, Hypermine aims to establish digital economies prioritizing trust and transparency. Their flagship product is Hypersign, an all-in-one authentication and wallet solution designed for a smooth user experience. Hypersign offers password-less authentication, verification, and authorization services, easily integrating with various blockchain ecosystems within minutes.

With Hypersign, users can ensure the safety of websites before sharing sensitive information. It allows websites to independently verify credentials without relying on Identity Providers or their infrastructure. Moreover, it provides a secure framework for trust anchors, such as governments and organizations, to serve as identity providers.

For Android users, the demo version is 0.3.3. of Hypersign is now available for download.


HomePort is a revolutionary software platform that empowers users to create a decentralized and user-centric ground station and space data network. It serves as a hub for satellite operators and satellite constellations, offering a decentralized marketplace for ground station capacity. By leveraging this platform, operators can optimize the performance of their satellite fleet and enhance data session scheduling between stations and satellites.

HomePort’s ultimate goal is to establish a global and decentralized space data teleport that operates across various frequencies, benefiting satellite operators worldwide.

Using smart contracts written in Sophia, HomePort enables users to establish direct contractual relationships without relying on intermediaries. This empowers users to determine their own pricing, resource allocation, and contract durations. Additionally, HomePort incorporates an oracle, initially developed as part of Hydrogen (HomePort’s alpha version), which validates the integrity of the data received through a station by assessing its cloud status. This oracle represents the first of many to come, aiming to automate the contractual process and ensure an exceptionally high level of trust without the involvement of third parties.


If you want to develop user-friendly blockchain products and services, having the right tools is crucial. Venly is dedicated to simplifying the process of creating any blockchain-related product or service by offering three solutions to cater to various needs.

Specifically, these include a wallet solution (including a widget solution and a white-labeled API solution), NFT management (featuring low gas fees, easy minting APIs, and the Unity blockchain SDK), and the ability to sell your NFTs on Venly’s marketplace.


ÆyeWitness is an innovative application that combines blockchain technology with image storage and verification. By leveraging æternity’s Hyperchains, ÆyeWitness ensures the secure storage of images and their metadata, guaranteeing authenticity by associating each image with a specific time and location.

This breakthrough solution has the potential to benefit various stakeholders, including law enforcement organizations, journalists, and other industries where image integrity and metadata immutability are crucial.

To enhance security, ÆyeWitness employs a custom Hyperchain that stores images on a Proof-of-Stake child chain, reinforced by a more secure Proof-of-Work blockchain like Bitcoin or Litecoin. This combination provides robust protection against potential threats. The application consists of two progressive web apps: one allows users to capture and upload images with metadata onto the Hyperchain. At the same time, the other enables users to retrieve and verify the authenticity and immutability of stored images.

Beyond its core functionality, ÆyeWitness also includes a comprehensive management backend. This backend handles user account management, image storage management (including separation of image “pools” and deletion), and other related tasks. Additionally, ÆyeWitness stands out for its cost-effectiveness compared to existing solutions, as it eliminates the need for intermediaries, resulting in significant cost savings for users.

The distributed storage infrastructure of ÆyeWitness ensures reliability and homogeneity by employing a unified system where storage nodes provide backbone storage for a fixed fee.

Common Ground

Common Ground is a communication platform that aims to connect communities and facilitate collaboration among builders. It combines the best features of platforms like Slack and Discord while also incorporating elements of blogging and feeds similar to Medium/Mirror. With a Web2.5 approach, Common Ground supports multiple signup options and enables token-gating of chats and blogs. It integrates with nine blockchains in the EVM ecosystem, making it a very versatile and inclusive platform.

For the æternity æcosystem, Common Ground serves as an exclusive hub that brings together its communities. It provides the æcosystem with a customized version of the platform, fostering collaboration and connection across all projects and communities. It centralizes critical information, streamlines collaboration, expands partnerships with other ecosystems, and showcases the vibrant æternity ecosystem to the outside world.

Moreover, Common Ground enhances funding distribution, grants, and opportunities through web3-native tools and reputation features. The platform functions seamlessly across devices and operating systems, facilitating reliable group messaging. Common Ground provides a range of engaging features, including voting, virtual classrooms, group chats, phone calls, and off-topic discussions. The platform is free to use and aims to offer fair monetization options without ads or selling user data, allowing creators to sell subscriptions to their fans with minimal fees.

Common Ground is set to reach the beta phase by the end of Q3 2023. application. The development team is actively working on finalizing features and implementing ecosystem white-labeling specifically for the æternity æcosystem.


Last but not least — Lexon.

“A Holy Grail of Computational Law” Robert Kowalski, Co-inventor of the AI language Prolog

Lexon is a ground-breaking, plain-text programming language that revolutionizes how contracts and law can be written, driving down the cost of access to justice for everyone. It can be used to write statutes, regulations, and legally enforceable agreements — on-chain, off-chain, and even off-machine. It is the language that lawmakers can use to implant law right into a robot’s brain. It is also the perfect language for blockchain smart contracts.

The Lexon online compiler — coming soon to the æternity Blockchain — makes it accessible to everyone without installation. It beats the path to the one-click deployment of smart contracts for non-programmers, drawing on the richness of natural language.

With use cases covering a wide plethora of potential outputs, including private contracting and law, governance, supply chain management, digital asset markets, crowdfunding, DeFi, DAOs, all the way to AI safety and data protection — Lexon holds a promise to revolutionize how a wide number of industries exist and operate.

More æpps are currently in development and will be announced soon! Not to mention that, pretty soon, the æternity Blockchain will deploy its first hyperchain. But more on that later 🙂

If these projects inspire you to keep building — or to start building — on the æternity Blockchain — here’s a good resource on why to choose æternity Blockchain, which delivers robust smart contracts, faster virtual machine architecture, Oracle-driven interoperability, dynamic governance, infinite scalability, and streamlined development tools.

Exciting times are coming. Stay tuned!

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