æternity HackChallenges: Rewarding innovation on the æternity blockchain

Sponsored by the Aeternity Foundation, and supported by Acurast, TUM VentureLabs, the æternity’s hackathons, renowned for fostering innovation and collaboration among the brightest minds within the blockchain realm, are returning. Developers globally are invited to participate in the “HackChallenges”, a series of events designed to spur the development of decentralized finance (DeFi) and autonomous organizations (DAO) with an emphasis on the use of Oracles for real-time data integration in blockchain projects.

The HackChallenges will focus on crafting sophisticated DAO & DeFi solutions that integrate with æternity’s Superhero Chat Platform, enabling direct access to these services on the æternity mainnet.

The goal is to create smart contract solutions that are accessible through chatbots on the Superhero Chat Platform. Integrating Oracles is crucial for DeFi projects in order to ensure real-time data accuracy and reliability. Projects centered around DAOs may also discover creative applications for Oracles in areas like governance and decision-making processes. 

Technological Backbone: FATE VM and Sophia Language

At the core of HackChallenges is æternity’s FATE VM, a virtual machine that executes Smart Contracts with nominal gas fees. Developers will utilize Sophia, æternity’s blockchain-optimized functional language, offering a prime opportunity to delve into and excel in the æternity ecosystem’s innovative landscape.

Rewards and Recognition

The HackChallenges come with significant incentives, headlined by a grand prize of $3,000 for the victor, as well as $1,000 for the runner-up, and $500 for third place.

Beyond financial rewards, participants gain esteem within the æternity community, bolstering their developer credentials and acquiring invaluable experience.

Participation Guidelines: Structure and Support

The HackChallenges are conducted as 7-day HackChallenges, recurring every 10 days, allowing 2-3 HackChallenges per month and a maximum of 36 per year. Developers will advance their projects within the Superhero Chat, backed by the collaborative support of æternity’s developer community, and partake in daily open hangout calls to foster collective innovation.

A discerning panel of judges, including representatives from Acurast, TUM VentureLabs, will appraise the projects. 

How to Submit: Entry and Requirements

Interested developers are required to set up a Superhero chat account, join the designated Registration Room to agree to terms and conditions, and enter the HackChallenge Room for consistent updates and access to developer tools.

The æternity HackChallenges are not merely a competition; they are a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology, inviting both seasoned and nascent developers to exhibit their prowess, implement their ideas, learn, and contribute to the evolving narrative of DeFi and DAO on blockchain platforms.

Stay up-to-date with the latest details and developments regarding HackChallenges by following æternity across its digital channels.

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