Contribution Phase One Overview (FAQ)

The following is an incomplete overview of what happened and what is yet to happen between Phase One and Phase Two.

We received many relevant questions from the community in the days after the end of Phase One. We have provided answers to many of you, but thought it is a good idea to summarize them all in a blog post. This is it.

How much value was contributed in Phase One?

Total amount of ETH: 120,827.41

Total amount of BTC: 328.63

*the only numbers that matter are the ones in the blockchain. A detailed contribution sheet will be released in the next few days.

How many AE tokens were created in Phase One?

All of the contributions make up 82% of all AE tokens so far: 139,089,935.08 AE. Additionally, 17% (out of the 100% total) will be reserved for the founding team, the founding company and the foundation (under development). Then there is 1% which is allocated according to a formula (to be finalized in accordance with what is technologically possible and makes sense) to people who have BTC and/or ETH addresses. This will take place at a future point in time, just before the launch of the æternity blockchain.

How many tokens do I get?

The tool at the bottom of æternity’s wallet website went through a number of improvements and should now work perfectly for almost all users. There are certain “special” cases that it might not cover, e.g. when you contributed from an exchange.

If you are certain that:

  • you have contributed cryptocurrency to æternity’s ETH or BTC address, and
  • your transaction is visible on the blockchain

and yet, for some reason, the tool does not display the correct amount of tokens to which you are entitled, please send us information regarding your transaction to Always include your transaction ID and your sending address. We will try to assist you.

Find this tool at the bottom of æternity’s wallet website.

When will I receive and be able to transfer AE tokens?

All AE tokens will be associated with the public key from which the contribution was sent. If you have sent cryptocurrency from an exchange or another third-party service, please fill in this from. If you sent from an Ethereum wallet contract, the wallet contract ID will be associated with your AE tokens.

All AE tokens will be distributed to contributors after Phase Two is over. They will be created on the Ethereum network in the form of an ERC20 standard token. Once this is done, you will be able to transfer them by importing your private key into the æternity wallet or by using an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet. We will provide a guide on how to do that.

Will the AE token be tradable on exchanges?

Yes. Shortly after Phase Two and after the AE becomes an ERC20 token, it is expected to be traded on several exchanges.

When/how will I get my Ledger hardware wallet?

Anyone who contributed more than 11.9 ETH in a single transaction, or the equivalent in BTC, is entitled to a æternity-Ledger wallet. We are currently building the software which is necessary for the claim. Once we finalize this, we will let everyone know what he or she needs to do in order to claim his or her Ledger.

IMPORTANT: Only single transactions of more than 11.9 ETH (or BTC equivalent) are considered eligible for a Lædger hardware wallet.

What will happen between Phase One and Phase Two?

We are starting the process of extending the team by attracting talent from the blockchain space and beyond. We are also organizing meetups and events to grow the community. A few very interesting bounties will be announced soon, so stay tuned. Check out the æternity Meetup bounty.

On behalf of the team, we want to thank all contributors! æternity will be a blockchain built to last!

For more information on Phase Two, please look at the embedded blog post below.

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