æternity Wiki Bounty Campaign

The æternity Wiki is now LIVE! Would you like to help improve it? We have some ETH for you!

Wiki Pages are so Informative!

We have spent long hours exploring the Bitcoin and Ethereum Wiki resources. Such knowledge banks are undoubtedly a fundamental, primary resource of information for many projects inside and outside of the blockchain sphere. æternity now has one too — and you can help improve it!

How to Participate

To edit, you need to sign up for a free GitHub account.

Then go to the æternity Wiki and press “edit” or “new page” as appropriate, make the changes and press “save”.

The bitcoin wiki can serve as a great archetype for what we would like to accomplish with the æternity Wiki. We would like it to develop into a comprehensive source of information about æternity as well as a general source of information about blockchains.

Note: Contributions must be original (not copied). All rights to your script will be surrendered to the æternity project and published under the æternity Libre, Free and Open Source license.

Non-original contributions are acceptable, if the content is under a Free and Open Source license. Such edits will be in compliance if they advertise proper attribution to the source.

Let’s make this Wiki sensational!

Wiki Contributor Bounty

A 1000 ETH bounty is being made available for contributors to the æternity Wiki. The bounty is open to everyone and will run until May 29, 2017. Funds will be distributed as follows.

On May 29, when Phase Two of æternity’s contribution campaign starts, we will look into the edit history.

  • 50% of the bounty will be proportionally distributed among all participants.
  • The remaining 50% of the bounty will be distributed to the top 10 quality Wiki contributors, based on staff picks.

Since the evaluation of contributions can be quite subjective, please do not participate by making excessive Wiki edits solely for the bounty. Always keep in mind that your contribution might not get the appreciation that you think it deserves.

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