æternity Contribution Campaign Phase 2

May 29 is here, Phase 2 starts soon. Here is what potential contributors need to know.

Team æternity is getting ready for the launch of the second and final phase of the contribution campaign. In phase one æternity collected about 120k ETH and 320 BTC for the development of æternity blockchain from about 2000 future users worldwide.

We have been very busy in the 54 days between the two phases, arranging new partnerships, on-boarding developers and expanding the æternity team and community globally. If you are interested in receiving detailed information about the progress we have made in-between phases, please refer to the embedded blog post below. We will continue to work hard in order to realize the æternity vision during and after Phase 2. Expect a detailed update on what we accomplished in-between phases.

In order for potential contributors to have a smooth experience while initiating their support for the project, we would strongly advice them to go through the following essential information.

Phase 2 — Public “Early Adopter” Round

Start: May 29th, 13:05 UTC/GMT

Duration: 3 weeks maximum, 6 hours minimum.

Cap on Contributions: 21 million CHF (twenty one million Swiss Franks) in ETH and BTC (total). Once the cap is reached, supporters will have 6 more hours to register their contribution.*

Token distribution schedule:

Week 1: 1 ETH = 750 AE token + BONUS: 50 AE token (first 24 hours)
Week 2: 1 ETH = 700 AE token.
Week 3: 1 ETH = 650 AE token.

Contributions will again be possible with ETH and BTC. If you are contributing BTC make sure to put the highest fee possible so your transaction gets a confirmation quickly. For contributions with fiat currency, please get in touch with our partner Bitcoin Suisse.

In order to participate, go to wallet.aeternity.com on May 29th at (or after) 13:05 GMT/UTC. You will need to set up a new wallet. More detailed information will be released just in time.

To find out when Phase 2 will begin in your local time, please use this time zone converter. Just enter 13:05 and UTC on the left and select your city on the right. Here is an example.

AS A REMINDER: Do not send from exchanges.

This is due to the following considerations:
There is no advantage to contributing within seconds after the wallet is open
– Every participant needs to have a reasonable amount of time to setup a new wallet and read the terms & conditions
– We need to allow third-party partners (e.g. Bitcoin Suisse) time for on-boarding
– Our experience with Phase 1 shows that transactions (esp. bitcoin ones) could be slow to confirm for users paying average or low fees. In order to be certain that your contribution was registered within the relevant time period, please pay a high transaction fee.

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