Proof of æxistence æpp

The Proof of æxistence is the first æternity æpp showing frictionless user experience, while making use of æternity identities.

This is an early stage design concept. We are working on all æternity æpps in an iterative fashion, incorporating user/community input at every round.


The æpp experience begins with an introductory tutorial explaining what proofs on the blockchain are and the functionality which the æpp offers.


Once the user has went through the introduction tutorial they are prompted to download/use the Identity Manager æpp to authorize the Proof of æxistence æpp to access a given identity and its token balance.

Proof via Conversational Interface

Once the Proof of æxistence æpp has been authorised to access an identity and its token balance the user is prompted to create her first proof via the conversational interface.

Use Case

We chose the car scratch use case to illustrate the power of the Proof of æxistence concept on the blockchain. It highlights the power of having an ledger with an immutable timestamp for each proof. In this case the existence of the photo file at that point in time proves that a given artifact was already present at the time of taking the photo.


Once the user has chosen a file to use they are prompted to confirm a payment from the balance of the authorised identity.

Proofs and Proof Details

Once a user has at least one proof they can see its details as well as a list of all proofs made to date.

Next Steps

We conducted a round of private testing with the designs in this post. The overall feedback thus far has been incredibly positive. We will post an update once we have incorporated the input / at the next round.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback by using one of our channels.

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