æternity & SoftUni: Partnership on Blockchain Education

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with one of the most successful educational software engineering programs in Bulgaria.

After a process of defining the best way to combine the strengths of æternity and SoftUni, the two projects are now partners in the task of educating developers on the topic of blockchain technology and building decentralized applications.

The first tangible effect of the partnership will be a series of seminars that will introduce the technology to interested students. Over the last few months, the topic of blockchain technology has increasingly drawn the attention of the local developers community and we believe now is the perfect time to announce an initiative that will respond to that demand.

The series of seminars will be held by local professionals in the blockchain sphere in a period of 3 months. Introductory and more advanced concepts of blockchain technology will be presented, including hands-on coding sessions.

For the future SoftUni and æternity will be working on a full educational blockchain track, which will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to develop blockchain software and write smart contracts. Once fully developed, the model of cooperation with similar educational platforms will be replicated in other countries.

The introductory event will be held on 22.08.2017 by Dr. Nicola Evtimov, a serial entrepreneur and investor in blockchain projects. You can find more information at the SoftUni event page below (in Bulgarian).


Complete schedule is coming soon.

We are firmly convinced that this new generation of developers will be instrumental in the realization of the blockchain vision.

æternity is always on the lookout for developer talent and will follow closely the progress of students who are going through the seminars.

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