Imminent AE Token Launch

Dear crypto community,

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of the ERC-20 AE token on the Ethereum ETH network.

Tomorrow, August 31th 2017 the contract will be deployed on Ethereum Testnet, then the token will be launched on Ethereum Mainnet (approximately) two days later. This way everybody can verify that they have access to the AE tokens.

August 31th 2017

Testnet Deployment:

This is just for public testing and verification purposes. The tokens on testnet are worthless.

September 2nd 2017 (expected)

Mainnet Deployment:

Actual launch of the ERC-20 AE token on the Ethereum network.

* we reserve the right to postpone the mainnet launch for technical or other reasons.

This blog post will be updated with more information.


The deployment of the AE distribution contract on the main Ethereum network is being executed. Users will be able to transfer their tokens on Sunday, September 3rd.

Please only trust official sources of information regarding the token launch, e.g. containing the token contract address. Especially, double-check where you input your private key (on the web) to avoid phishing attacks.

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