The Future Looks Bright

æternity’s development is moving forward. Announcing a new CTO and a brand new blockchain implementation.

æternity is a modular blockchain, implementing state channels for scalability and tailored for smart contracts interfacing with real-world data via oracles. We strive to create a holistic platform, which is able to support a wide array of æpps. The identity and existence æpps are only the very beginning.


We are happy to welcome Joel Reymont as the CTO of æternity. Joel is a blockchain geek and seasoned hacker. He started his career on Wall Street and brings 25 years of software engineering experience to æternity. Joel was Director of Prime Brokerage Technology at Deutsche Bank, ran offshore development teams, and built many scalable and fault tolerant systems over the years. Apart from his development work, Joel will engage with legal experts to navigate a complex regulatory environment for financial applications on the æternity blockchain. He is also very engaged with the community and has already done an AMA on Reddit and is managing a Twitter account dedicated to æternity’s software engineering. You can engage with him directly at Slack, Reddit, the Russian Telegram group and perhaps, most effectively, GitHub.

Team Erlang

Our technology team is maintaining a laser-like focus on implementing the vision described in our whitepaper. Development is picking up speed after a brief slowdown. We will be growing the team to deliver a state of the art blockchain to our users as quickly as possible.

æternity Erlang team is lead by Michal Zaida in collaboration with Erlang Solutions and is managed by Joel Reymont. Michal is a hands on engineer with a track record in the hottest projects of the last few years. He was responsible for the architecture, scalability and performance in systems behind RTB markets, Mobile Chat apps, and IoT systems that run for hundreds of millions customers.

AE Labs

We are excited to announce AE Labs, the rocket science development arm and exciting projects incubator. Backed by a full development team and overseen by æternity’s CTO Joel Reymont, AE Labs will research new blockchain implementations, expand æternity technology to mobile platforms, incubate æpps and engage the community with challenging projects and bounties.

Partnership with SoftUni

We are also thrilled to announce a partnership with one of the most successful educational companies for developers in Bulgaria. Read more at the dedicated blog post:

How can you participate?

GitHub: We will make all our issues public at GitHub. If you disagree or have value and information to add, don’t hesitate to open a ticket and we will do our best to provide your contribution with the required attention.

Mailing List: Because it is a proven way to organize a work process, we will also discuss dev topics though our developer mailing list. That will be announced soon. The mailings list will address issues and updates different from the ones discussed at GitHub and our blog. It will enables us to communicate a message to everyone involved and be certain that it was noticed.

Chat: Since we are working full-time and sometimes need a quick answer or decision related to our daily work, we also communicate on Slack . (You will need an invite for Slack, please send a mail to info[at] to get one).

Do not hesitate to get in touch with by using one of our channels.

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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