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Upcoming Events

SuperheroLeague: Censorship and Oppression, May 15, 2020

SuperheroLeague is “The Broadcast Channel for Blockchain”. The SuperheroLeague shows are broadcast live with interaction from the public audience who join virtually. Each episode explores a challenging topic with special guests and attendees from around the world that grab one (first come, first served) of 100 virtual seats. The next episode will take place on May 15th, 2020.

Past Events

SuperheroLeague: Live from China, May 11, 2020

SuperheroLeague: The Broadcast Channel for Blockchain premieres in China! Live from China Episode 1 is taking place on May 11th with guests Mr. Liu, Founder of Aeknow.org, and Liu Shao, Founder of aechina.io and WeTrue.io. Join at 2 PM CEST / 8 PM Beijing time, more details are available here.

Starfleet India Demo Day, May 8, 2020

AE Ventures, in cooperation with IBC Media, has the pleasure to invite you to the culmination of the æternity Starfleet Acceleration Program. This edition of the Demo Day will be held as a virtual conference featuring not only the startup pitch decks, but also keynote speeches and panel discussions. See the full agenda and register here.

SuperheroLeague — Correcting the false narratives. Fighting intentional fake news, May 1, 2020

Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how blockchain — and technology in general — can transform the world we live in. Each edition features experts and explores different topics and relevant global issues. Episode 7 will look into the quickly spreading fake news — it will take place on May 1st at 4 PM CEST, register here.SuperheroLeague — Accelerating the transformation of our society, April 24, 2020

SuperheroLeague — Accelerating the transformation of our society, April 24, 2020

Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is about to change the world we live in. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic and welcomes experts in their respective fields. The forthcoming episode will look into the imminent disruption in our governance and legal systems, and automation. Join us on April 24th, 2020 at 4 PM CEST. More information is available here.

SuperheroLeague — Covid-19, Blockchain, and Privacy, April 16, 2020

Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is about to change the world we live in. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic and welcomes experts in their respective fields. The forthcoming episode will explore the intersection between Covid-19 and privacy. Join us on April 16th, 2020 at 4 PM CEST. More information is available here.

SuperheroLeague — The Future of Work, April 9, 2020

Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is about to change the world we live in. Each edition is dedicated to a different topic and welcomes experts in their respective fields. The forthcoming episode will approach Covid-19 and the Future of Work. Join us on April 9th, 2020 at 4 PM CET. More information is available here.

SuperheroLeague — Leadership in Time of Crisis, April 3, 2020

Superhero League is a weekly virtual gathering aimed at exploring how the Covid-19 pandemic is about to change the world we live in. This time, the focus will be on leadership in a time of self-isolation and turbulence. Join on Friday at 4 PM CET. Find the full agenda and register here.

æternity Virtual Conference — Blockchain & Covid-19, March 27, 2020

The æternity æcosystem invites you to an online gathering on March 27th to discuss the Covid-19 pandemic and how blockchain can be used to fight it. Join us at 4 PM CET while staying safe and healthy at home. Find the full agenda and register here.

Webinar on Writing Smart Contracts in Sophia, March 26, 2020

æternity’s developer Milen Radkov was invited to hold a webinar on how to write smart contracts in Sophia language. The event is organized by Bulgarian developers community Dev.bg. More details are available here.

HackCovid19 — æternity Hackathon, March 26, 2020

HackCovid19 is a unique opportunity to respond to the emerging coronavirus problems in Latin America organized by æternity Americas and ORT University Uruguay. It is a competition of technological and innovative ideas to provide solutions to the problems generated by the pandemic where the use of blockchain allows a level of security, scalability and total traceability in possible solutions. Apply by March 25th here.

Starfleet India Genesis Week, Bangalore, March 2, 2020

Starfleet — the Global Accelerator for Blockchain startups, supported by æternity blockchain and run by AE Ventures, is in its fourth iteration. This time, the Starfleet program is conquering India. All blockchain startups from the region are welcome to apply by February 9th, 2020. More details are available here.

AMA with WeiDex, February 26, 2020

Tito Titov — CEO of WeiDex and JellySwap will join the main æternity Telegram group for an Ask-Me-Anything session. Join us on February 26th at 10 AM CET to learn all on AE-ETH and AE-BTC atomic swaps.

æmbassador Meetups Around Europe, February 4–20, 2020

æternity’s Lead Spanish æmbassador Manel Ruiz will embark on a journey around Europe for a series of meetups. He’ll be in Vienna on February 4th, Paris on February 5th, Brussels on February 6th, back to Paris on February 11th, and Barcelona on February 20th. Follow all upcoming events here.

Blockchain Hands-On Meetup, Geneva, February 4, 2020

æternity’s æmbassador Robert Zaremba will be in Geneva, Switzerland, to present the project to the local blockchain community. He will also hold a workshop on Sophia smart contract language. Save the date: February 4th, 6.30 PM CET. More details here.

CV Summit Davos, January 22–23, 2020

æternity will participate in the CV Summit in Davos, Switzerland. Founder Yanislav Malahov will be among the speakers at the Golden Eye Tech Dinner on January 22nd. On the next day Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of AE Ventures, will participate in a panel on the state of blockchain VC after the ICO hype. Find more details here.

AMA with Sergei Evdokimov in Telegram, January 17, 2020

æternity’s core developer Sergei Evdokimov will join the Russian Telegram community for an Ask-Me-Anything session on January 17, 2020. Come to æternity’s Russian Telegram group at 5 PM CET to learn how the protocol will develop in the future, what improvements will be introduced with next hardforks, and more.

AMA with Crypto Task in Telegram, January 9, 2020

AE Ventures’ portfolio company and Starfleet alumnus Crypto Task will join the main æternity Telegram group for an Ask-Me-Anything session. The team will share their progress and will answer all your questions. See you in Telegram — January 9, 2020, at 11 AM CET.

CV Labs Zug Meetup, Zug, Switzerland, December 19, 2019

Crypto Valley is a special place — a mixture of blockchain pioneers, innovators, free thinkers, and dedicated researchers. Each month a special gathering is held at CV Labs — Zug. As part of their incubation curriculum, CV Labs organizes the “Meet the Protocols” week consisting of meetups with the following 4 protocols: CasperLabs, Polkadot (Web3 Foundation), Tezos Foundation, and æternity blockchain. æternity’s Emin Mahrt will be there on December 19, 2019.

LABITCONF, Montevideo, Uruguay, December 12–13, 2019

LABITCONF is the most influential bitcoin and blockchain conference in Latin America, bringing together top speakers and industry players. This year it will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay, and æternity is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the event. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov, as well as the æternity Americas team lead by CEO Pablo Coirolo will be there. Learn more.

Starfleet 3 Demo Day, Malta, December 12, 2019

Starfleet — the Global Accelerator for Blockchain startups, supported by æternity blockchain and run by AE Ventures, is in its third iteration. More than 120 startups from all over the world applied and 10 were shortlisted to pitch their ideas and compete for an investment of up to $100k. The Demo Day will take place on 12th December at Microsoft Innovation Centre, Malta, starting at 13:30h. More details are available here.

Digital Finance Forum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, December 12, 2019

At a staggering pace, digital transformation has captured one industry after another, including Liechtenstein and Switzerland’s financial sectors. What opportunities does the digitization offer and how can financial service providers develop new technologies and business models? Marion Vogel, President of æternity Crypro Foundation will be one of the speakers — learn more.

CryptoMonday | Blockchain Zurich, Switzerland, December 9, 2019

CryptoMonday | Blockchain Zurich, the Swiss offshoot of the largest Blockchain, Bitcoin & Crypto Meetup in Germany, invites you to meet Helmut Müller, Head of æternity Consulting. When talking about blockchains, it always comes back to the question of which applications really make sense and which use cases are actually being mapped. Helmut Müller will walk you through æternity blockchain’s real-life applications — find more details here.

æternity Hæckathon, Sofia, Bulgaria, December 4, 2019

æternity is happy to announce yet another hackathon — to be held at Rakovska Event Hall 1 in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 4th of December, 2019. Everyone is welcome to join and demonstrate their creativity and skills. Grab this chance to meet all product coordinators within the æternity ecosystem. Hæck your way with us for a more decentralized world!

æternity Public Meetup, Sofia, Bulgaria, December 3, 2019

æternity welcomes you to a public meetup in Sofia to discuss the latest developments and updates after the Lima hardfork. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov and CTO Emin Mahrt will introduce the project, followed by talks by Karol Skočik, Juraj Hlista, and Stephan Verbücheln. The drinks and pizza are on us — learn more.

International Blockchain Congress Alicante, November 29–30, 2019

CIBTC Alicante will feature not only innovations, new developments and talks of the highest academic level, but also a series of workshops carried out by great experts. æmbassador Luis Guillermo Abellan Berenguer will participate in an æternity workshop on November 29th, at 19:00 CET. æternity is also sponsoring the event — learn more.

WeAreDevelopers Congress Vienna, November 28–29, 2019

WeAreDevelopers is Europe’s leading conference for developers interested in AI, Cloud, Blockchain, and Internet of Things. The Vienna Congress will feature a rich variety of workshops, including one dedicated to building decentralized applications on æternity, held by Milen Radkov. Save the date: November 28th, at 15:00 CET. Get the full agenda here.

CODE BEAM LITE, Amsterdam, November 28, 2019

This one-day, community-driven conference, aims to showcase what’s new in the Erlang Ecosystems, interesting tools, techniques, and best practices. It brings developers together to share knowledge and ideas, learn from each other and hopefully inspire them to invent the future. æternity is a Silver Sponsor of the event. Find more details here.

Genesis DevCon, Bengaluru, India, November 24–25, 2019

Meet the industry experts, engineers, researchers and technologists paving the way for blockchain adoption around the world at Genesis Devcon, and learn more about how you could do the same! Genesis DevCon will have 20+ tech talks, 5 panel-discussions, & 3 workshops. æternity is the official sponsor of the event and Yanislav Malahov and Luka Sucic will both be there. Find more information here.

GOTO Copenhagen, Denmark, November 18–20, 2019

GOTOcph is the leading international conference on software development for those who strive for innovation. It features talks on supertrends such as quantum computing, AI, Security and Ethics, and more. æternity’s veteran developer Ulf Wiger will speak on building a blockchain in Erlang on November 19th. Make sure not to miss it.

Shift Money, Zagreb, November 18–19, 2019

Shift Money is a Financial Technology Conference, whose purpose is to explore new ways to disrupt the world of Payments, Insurance, Lending & Blockchain. Luka Sucic, Director of Investments at AE Ventures, will be among the speakers. Get more details here.

Blockchain Technology Conference, Berlin, November 11, 2019

As part of the Blockchain Technology Conference, æternity’s Milen Radkov will hold a fast-paced training course on the æternity architecture and on building basic smart contracts using Sophia. The workshop will also cover other æternity features such as oracles and state channels. Learn more.

CODE MESH, London, November 6–8, 2019

Code Mesh is a two-day conference bringing together a unique mix of creators, developers, innovators, academics, and visionaries to help solve real-world problems using innovative, non-mainstream tech. This year Robert Virding, co-creator of the Erlang programming language and a member of the æternity team, will be a keynote speaker. æternity is once again a silver sponsor of the event — learn more.

Medical Cannabiz Awards Malta, November 3, 2019

The Malta Medical Cannabiz Awards highlight achievements in the nascent but fast-growing medical cannabis supply chain in Europe. The Awards, the first-of-their-kind in Malta, celebrate the businesses that are making waves in key areas of the industry. æternity is nominated in the category “Blockchain of the Year”. Learn more.

æternity Starfleet India Hyderabad Meetup, November 2, 2019

æternity and AE Ventures are creating a platform to open more opportunities to the blockchain developer and startup community in India to become a part of the æternity Starfleet program. All blockchain enthusiasts and startups are welcome to attend æternity Starfleet Accelerator India’s Hyderabad meetup hosted by IBC Media. Get more details here.

CoinAgenda Global, Las Vegas, October 26–28, 2019

CoinAgenda is a leading global conference series connecting investors and funds with the top entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors. This year, CoinAgenda Global will be the kickoff event for Vegas Blockchain Week — October 25–31. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov is one of the speakers — more details here.

DISCLOSE2019, New York, October 17, 2019

#DISCLOSE2019 is the inaugural member conference of the DCARPE Alliance, a consortium of members of the accounting, audit, financial reporting, legal, regulatory and blockchain communities working together to transform assurance through the development and launch of the DCARPE Assurance and Disclosure Protocol. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov will be one of the speakers. Learn more.

DEVCON 5, Osaka, October 8–11, 2019

Devcon is an annual gathering held by the Ethereum Foundation designed for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. æternity’s lead protocol architect Sascha Hanse will be in Osaka to discuss Protocols: The Control Structures of Decentralized Networks. Don’t miss his talk on October 10th, 2019. Learn more here.

CODE BEAM LITE, New York, October 1, 2019

For the first time since 2013, the Code Sync team is back in New York City! This edition of the Code BEAM Lite conferences will be community-led and designed by and for the local Erlang and Elixir ecosystem. Explore how BEAM technologies, including Erlang and Elixir, are employed in some of the world’s most cutting edge fintech. It’s a tradition for æternity to Silver Sponsor the event. Learn more.

CODE BEAM LITE, Budapest, September 20, 2019

For the first time Code BEAM Lite is coming to Budapest, financial center of Hungary. Code BEAM Lite conferences are community lead events that strive to engage the local Erlang and Elixir ecosystem by bringing together developers to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire them to invent the future. æternity is a Silver Sponsor of the event. Find more details here.

CODE ELIXIR LDN, London, July 18, 2019

Code Elixir LDN is a one-day, one-track conference bringing together the Elixir community to share, learn and be inspired. The conference is suitable for all levels of programming experience and all team members, from developers to CTOs and above. æternity is once again a Silver Sponsor of the event. See more.

DLT Compass Conference, Singapore, June 6–7, 2019

LongHash, a global blockchain incubator supported by the Singapore government, organizes a 2-day conference on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). The DLT Compass conference is aimed at C-Level executives, government representatives, and champions of innovation from various industries. æternity Ventures’ Luka Sucic will participate in a panel discussion entitled “No Block Is An Island — Joining Chains In Enterprises”. Learn more here and here.

WeAreDevelopers World Congress, Berlin, June 6–7, 2019

The program of WeAreDevelopers World Congress is built to map all major aspects in the lifecycle of software development. Enjoy some cutting edge sessions with tech pioneers and legends, including a talk by æternity’s Robert Virding. æternity will also hold a workshop, learn more here.

Blockchainhotel Conference, Essen, May 30–31, 2019

Once a year experts and enthusiasts from all over the world come to Germany for the Blockchainhotel conference #BHC19! Explore the newest innovations in the Blockchain and Crypto space and get connected to market leaders. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov will attend and have a talk there, see more here.

DigitalK, Sofia, May 30–31, 2019

Among the top 10 digital events in Europe, DigitalК is a must gathering for C-level business professional, inspiring entrepreneurs and owners of various scale companies. Join a carefully selected group of world-class speakers and overcome the challenges of digital transformation. æternity’s CBDO and CEO of æternity Ventures Nikola Stojanow will be among those speakers. Find more information here.

The Crypto Summit, Mallorca, May 26–29, 2019

The Crypto Summit is a one-of-a-kind business meeting of the crypto and blockchain community. It will give you the chance to build strong business relationships, attend networking events, and get the most out of experts’ presentations and success-stories. Marion Vogel, president of the æternity Crypto Foundation in Liechtenstein, will be among the speakers. See more details here.

PODIM Conference, Maribor, May 21–22, 2019

PODIM is the most influential startup & tech event in the Alps-Adriatic & Western Balkans region, based in Slovenia. It is the gateway from/to the region for efficient networking, making deals and sharing experience. æternity Ventures’ Luka Sucic will attend, so come say ‘Hi’! More information is available here.

Rare Art Festival, New York, May 18, 2019

The Rare Art Festival’s agenda features the most innovative projects in the realm of cryptoart. A tokenized art show featuring artists from around the world is also planned! Let’s celebrate rare blockchain and tokenized art during NYC blockchain week! æternity is sponsoring the event, find more here, and the after party Cirque du Cipher. See you in Brooklyn!

CODE BEAM STO, Stockholm, May 16–17, 2019

It’s time for Code BEAM STO again — the only conference in Europe to bring all the languages that run on the BEAM together, including Erlang and Elixir. æternity’s Thomas Arts and Tobias Lindahl will be there and will tell you more about how to do a major code refactoring without too much worrying! æternity is once again a Silver Sponsor of the event. See more here.

Consensus 2019, New York, May 13–15, 2019

Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder, and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry. This year Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures, will be there as well. Learn more here.

BlockSplit, Split, April 25–27, 2019

BlockSplit is a conference for blockchain developers and businesses aimed at growing the global blockchain ecosystem. BlockSplit is an opportunity for developers and founders of next big blockchain projects to learn and meet. Make sure not to miss the presentation of æternity Ventures’ Luka Sucic on the topic “Blockchain and Startups Don’t Mix” on April 26th! Find more details here.

The Leading Alternative Investment Management Summit, Abu Dhabi, April 7, 2019

AIM Summit is the leading regional Alternative Investment Management Summit gathering and connecting regional investors and managers in the world of alternatives (Hedge Funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private Debt) with global industry leaders. Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures, will participate in a discussion on Venture Capital Startups. Find more details here.

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit, Tokyo, April 6–7, 2019

TEAMZ Blockchain Summit unites blockchain innovators with established enterprises to expand the ecosystem and grow. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov will take part in a panel discussion entitled “Which Dapp is Dapper? Tech Explained” on April 6th and will be among the keynote speakers on April 7th. æternity is also sponsoring the event, learn more about it here.

æternity Blockchain Meetup, Stuttgart, March 27, 2019

æternity’s æmbassador Marco Walz will participate in the technical CryptoMonday meetup in Stuttgart, Germany, and will talk about æternity blockchain and its scalable smart contracts. Learn more and RSVP here.

C3 Crypto Conference, Berlin, March 27, 2019

C3 Crypto Conference is an intimate event focused on educating and engaging the crypto, blockchain and tech communities. C3 will provide an overview of the latest trends from recent regulatory decisions to the path towards mass adoption. On March 27th æternity’s CPO Emin Mahrt and æternity Ventures’ Luka Sucic will discuss the Berlin-based blockchain use cases, whereas Nikita Fuchs will explore the “holy grail” of near-endless transaction scalability. Learn more.

æternity Blockchain Meetup, Katowice, March 18, 2019

æternity’s Polish æmbassador Przemek Tomann is organizing a meetup in Katowice, Poland, to tell more about æternity’s technology and features. Come meet æternity’s Erlang Architect Michal Zajda and learn all about one of the smoothest hard forks in the blockchain space! See more and RSVP here.

æternity Blockchain Meetup, Hong Kong, March 15, 2019

If you’ve missed æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov at TOKEN2049, you can meet him and Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures, at our pop-up event in Hong Kong on Friday. Come meet other crypto enthusiasts and entrepreneurs and learn more about the Minerva hard fork. Learn more here.

TOKEN2049, Hong Kong, March 13–14, 2019

TOKEN2049 organizes the premier digital asset and token economy event in Asia. Meet pioneers and highly influential and established opinion leaders, shining a light on the global developments of this new asset class. æternity’s Founder Yanislav Malahov is one of the speakers. Learn more here.

CODE BEAM, San Francisco, February 28-March 1, 2019

Code BEAM SF is the only North American conference to cover all of the BEAM languages, including Erlang and Elixir. Created for developers, by developers, it brings together the best minds to discuss how BEAM languages are revolutionizing areas like IoT, Blockchain, Fintech, Security, Machine Learning and more! æternity is the Silver Sponsor of the event.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, Istanbul, February 20, 2019

“Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit” rolls out the distinction of being the largest-scale event of the region, ever held in this field. More than 5,000 investors and entrepreneurs from 43 countries will discuss current cryptocurrency market and future of blockchain technology. Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures, will speak on the subject of blockchain policies and regulation. See more here.

æternity Meetup, Krakow, February 19, 2019

æternity is hosting a blockchain meetup together with Erlang Solutions in Krakow, Poland, to explore the benefits of functional programming. Come and hear talks on Sophia language, state channels, and more by æternity’s star developers Emin Mahrt, Nikita Fuchs, Ulf Wiger and Thomas Arts. Learn more here.

æternity organizes WCF, Vaduz, Liechtenstein, January 26, 2019

æternity is kick-starting The World Cryptonomic Forum — an annual series of events dedicated to the socioeconomic impact of blockchain technology. The Forum aims to provide a stage to innovators, tech pioneers, economists and benefactors interested in a new fundament for our digital economy based on scalabe, efficient and transparent cryptographic data structures. Learn more here.

TNABC, Miami, January 16–18, 2019

The North American Bitcoin Conference will offer two full days of talks dedicated to blockchain, ICOs, regulations, and disruptive technologies. Plus, a Security Token Track and Lightning Networking Sessions will be introduced this year. Nikola Stojanow, CBDO of æternity and CEO of æternity Ventures will be there. Learn more here.

LABITCONF, Santiago de Chile, December 5–8, 2018

For the 6th year in a row, the most influential conference in Latin America LABITCONF brings together top speakers and industry players from more than 20 countries. Meet the æternity team and come say hi! Learn more here.

CODE MESH, London, November 8–9, 2018

Code Mesh is a two-day conference promoting the non-mainstream technologies. It brings together users and speakers of different languages to share their innovative and inspiring projects. Meet æternity there! Official website.

æternity Meetup during Web Summit Lisbon, November 6, 2018

While one of the best technology conferences in the world is taking place, our developer Philipp will present æternity to all the blockchain enthusiasts in Lisbon. He will talk about the current challenges the blockchain technology is facing. Learn more here.

æternity bus on tour in Prague, October 30 — November 2, 2018

The æternity blockchain bus is in Prague! In the bus, you will have the opportunity to get to know more about the æternity blockchain, meet our dev team, have some breakfast, tour around Prague, join us for a drink, or simply work on your stuff during our co-working hours. Check the details here and join our Telegram group to check where to catch the bus.

CODE BEAM LITE, Berlin, October 12, 2018

Code BEAM Lite conferences, formerly known as Erlang Factory Lites, are one-day community-driven conferences aimed at discovering the future of the Erlang Ecosystem and bringing together developers to share knowledge & ideas, learn from each other and inspire to invent the future. Find out more.

The Blockchain Day, Paris, October 10, 2018

The first official Paris Blockchain Day conference is approaching. High-level speakers will talk on the topics of GDPR and Know Your Customer (KYC) in the blockchain space, ICO regulation and the future of blockchain in Europe. Yanislav will join a panel on Smart Contracts, Traceability and Product Quality. Learn more.

Fintech.li, Liechtenstein, September 26, 2018

Fintech.li or The Finance meets Future conference will bring FinTech enthusiasm together with Digital Banking Know-How for an innovative day with an international audience and trends. Meet æternity there! Find out more.

The Blockchain Summit, September 20, 2018 [Webinar]

The FinTech community’s most popular summit of the year consists of a series of webinars exploring the distributed ledger technology and how it can be put into practice at an organization. Vlad will talk on the topic of Blockchain as a Service. Learn more.

æternity at the Berlin Blockchain Week, September 6, 2018

æternity will introduce its blockchain to everyone who is interested in blockchain, smart contracts, scalable solutions and user friendly design. Our CEO and founder Yanislav Malahov will give a short introduction of æternity, developers Erik Stenman and Thomas Arts will explain you about the tech and the æpps team will introduce our decentralized applications (æpps) and the UX and UI design decisions taken. Learn more.

æternity’s Berlin Blockchain Party, September 6, 2018

Join æternity’s Berlin Blockchain Party at the Blockchain Embassy!
Come by if you want to relax, engage in good conversations or have a little dance. Drinks are on us and we will provide you with some nice music. Since we have limited capacity, please register here. We hope to see you all there!

æternity’s æmbassador kick-off Germany, September 4, 2018

æternity is organizing its first æmbassador community gathering in Berlin, Germany! We are very excited to meet all of our long-term community members as well as newcomers eager to get to know us. We will give a quick introduction to the æternity blockchain and explain our æmbassador program. Meet us there.

CODE ELIXIR LDN, London, August 16, 2018

Code Elixir one-day conference will continue bringing together the Elixir community to share, learn and inspire, giving the opportunity to meet new friends and learn about new projects and innovation that have grown out of the Elixir language. Official website.

Elixir Meetup Rhein Main, Frankfurt am Main, August 13, 2018

The Elixir Meetup Rhein Main gathers all people working with and interested in the programming language Elixir. Its 6th edition will be dedicated to æternity and Philipp Piwowarsky from our team will talk on “Writing Blockchain in Elixir”. Learn more.

BlackSeaChain, Varna, July 28, 2018

BlackSeaChain 2 is а leading blockchain development event in South Eastern Europe, bringing you the latest engineering trends in distributed ledger technology. The event is organized by Quanterall — a blockchain and IoT engineering company that currently supports æternity’s Elixir and hardware wallet projects. Get more info here.

Pillar Uncoference 2018, Vilnius, July 15–22, 2018

æternity will attend the Pillar Unconference, an unique event dedicated to entrepreneurs, business and blockchain technology. In an unconference, attendees generate and lead the schedule, sessions, discussion topics, and interactions. This prioritizes conversation over presentation — where most innovations occur — and encourages contribution, flexibility, and collaboration. Learn more.

Starfleet Demo Day Vol.2: Final Pitch Session, Sofia, July 14, 2018

æternity & æternity Ventures invite you to join æternity Starfleet’s second and final Demo Day Pitch Session. The event will feature presentations by the best 10 teams to present their decentralized projects and compete for funding. Join us and meet the 10 startups, network with the æternity team, our partners, investors and blockchain professional from the region. Find out more about the teams and register for the event at Eventbrite.

Block O2O Titans of Blockchain, Hong Kong, July 9, 2018

Joe Lubin, Co-Founder of Ethereum and Founder of ConsenSys, will lead off an evening with global industry experts, including Yanislav Malahov founder of æternity, who are building the future of blockchain. Learn more about the event here.

Chainers 2018, Seoul, July 1–2, 2018

æternity’s founder will be speaking at one of the most popular and well-attended blockchain and FinTech-related events in South Korea. Learn more.

Crypto World Party, Liechtenstein, June 29, 2018

æternity will do a presentation during the event which will take place at Technopark, Liechtenstein. You can watch it live here (stream starts 06:30 PM, CEST). The event is organized by Blockchain Meet-up Liechtenstein. Visit the event website.

Crypto Valley Conference 2018, Zug, June 20–22, 2018

Presentations and discussions on the state-of-the-art, latest advances and future of blockchain technology. Real-life application examples from blockchain adopters on different uses cases of blockchain technology. The top 25 publications will be presented at the conference, revealing ground-breaking discoveries. Check it out.

Tech Open Air, Berlin, June 19–22, 2018

TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Their mission is to help people futureproof their businesses and their lives. Technology is transforming the way we work, live and relate: only if you understand technology can you take advantage of the opportunities it’s creating. Meet æternity there! We are working on a game that might win you some AE :). Read more about the event.

EMU 2018Q2 — Æternity: Blockchain Technology in Erlang & Elixir, Stockholm, June 4, 2018

æternity developers will participate in the Erlang Meetup in Stockholm after the Code BEAM event. Ulf Wiger, Michal Zajda and Thomas Arts will present æternity technology. Get more information in the meetup.com page of the event.

Money 20/20, Amsterdam, June 4–6, 2018

Money 20/20 is a market-leading three-day event that brings together the entire payments, FinTech and financial services industry. Ideas are created, partnerships are formed and future trends are imagined. Learn more.

CODE BEAM STO, Stockholm, May 31–June 01, 2018

Another edition of the Code BEAM conference this time based in Stockholm. Formerly known as Erlang User Conference, Code BEAM STO is also a two-day conference fused with a mix of talks on innovation and open-source applications based on Erlang, OTP, Elixir, LFE, BEAM and other emerging technologies! Visit the official website.

CryptoKonf 2018, Belgrade, May 29–30, 2018

CryptoKonf is the largest cryptocurrency, blockchain, FinTech and ICO konference in Southeastern Europe. Located in the middle of the Balkan peninsula, it is accessible from all parts of the world, as Belgrade has direct flights to most of the world’s capitals. Learn more.

Intercontinental Blockchain Conference, Brussels, May 24, 2018

“Blockchain — The Game Changer of the 4th Industrial Revolution” is a unique event in the European Parliament. The event is hosted by member of the European Parliament, Antanas Guoga, in cooperation with Blockchain Centre Vilnius and the diplomatic representations to the European Union. Find out more.

GlobSec 2018, Bratislava, May 17, 2018

GLOBSEC Forum has grown into one of the top strategic forums worldwide for connecting the realms of politics, academia, the non-government sector, and business. Indeed, political and social developments in the transatlantic area, Middle East, and other regions underline the need for a truly global policy-making platform. Read more.

Chainges, Amsterdam, May 4–5, 2018

Chainges is the first two-day blockchain and cryptocurrency event shaped by the community. They try to mix blockchain technology with crypto-economy. æternity will hold an æpps workshop and will have a feature presentation. Get more information about the event and meet us there! Read’s Vlad’s introduction.

Republica, Berlin, May 2–4, 2018

The re:publica in Berlin is Europe’s biggest conference on topics concerning digitisation and society, while also being one of the world’s most exceptional festivals on digital culture. Learn more.

LibertyBits, Sofia, April 24, 2018

The conference will meet the search for“hungry” (young) people with a demand of cutting-edge blockchain projects, privacy, and off-the-grid innovators. Expect outstanding and inspiring talks about our present and future, making the world a better and safer place to live. Learn more.

ElixirConf EU 2018, Warsaw, April 16–17, 2018

ElixirConf.EU is a community conference created to promote education, networking and collaboration within the Elixir/Erlang/Ruby communities. It is one of the largest Elixir events in Europe. æternity is a Silver Sponsor and one of æternity’s Elixir team leads will participate. Learn more about the conference at its official website.

World Blockchain Summit, Nairobi, March 22–23, 2018

Kenya’s forward-looking government is prioritizing its various service areas in public and private organizations that can benefit from blockchain technologies — and educate the market about the transformational potential of blockchain technology. The Summit aims to connect global blockchain gurus, technology innovators, investors and startups in this space — with regional business and IT leaders from across key industry verticals to debate on the nature of blockchain and its many potential to improve efficiency in every business processes. Learn more.

Introduction to æternity, St. Galen, March 21, 2018

The Data Science & Technology Club at the University of St. Galen will host an event with the founder of æternity blockchain — Yanislav Malahov. He will give a talk followed by a Q&A session, granting exclusive insights into æternity and next generation blockchain technology. Here is the event announcement.

World Business Dialogue, Cologne, March 05–09, 2018

The World Business Dialogue is forum that aims to connect students with the companies worldwide. The event aims to inspire students and corporates through an intense dialogue about how can different generations make the world a better place. æternity will organize a workshop at the forum. Learn more about the unique event on its official page.

Blockchain Forum India, Mumbai, February 27–28, 2018

The Forum will help attendees understand the concept of blockchains and to bring projects in this space to mainstream. Moreover, there will be a strong focus on educating organizations on the value the blockchain can bring to the business table. More info.

Crypto Assets Conference, Frankfurt, February 26–27, 2018

The Crypto Assets Conference presents a line-up of the next generation of disrupters and thought-leaders and provides answers for global decision about the most pressing questions like: what impact do cryptocurrencies have on international trade; how are innovators adopting cryptocurrencies against today’s monopolies; if tokens are boosting crowdfunding and venture capital to new heights — which industry will benefit next? æternity’s founder Yanislav Malahov will give a talk at the Startup & Innovation track. Visit the event’s website.

London Erlang User Group: Blockchain Technology Built in Erlang & Elixir, London, February 20, 2018

The æternity team will visit London to give a series of short talks on their challenges and achievements, from developing the core platform to oracles and smart contracts. Come and meet some of the brightest mind in the æternity team. Full schedule and more info at the meetup page. You can find the video recordings of the presentations in the dedicated YouTube playlist.

Blockchain in Finance — Initial Coin Offerings, Vaduz, January 26, 2018

Marion from the team will participate in a panel discussion in the half-day event at University of Liechtenstein. Primary topics will be regulation, start-up financing on the blockchain, and ICO investments. The final part will be dedicated to the experience of three well-known entrepreneurs with start-up financing with blockchain technology. Learn more.

Crypto Conference Venezuela, Caracas, January 23, 2018

The conference will feature panels about crypto-portfolio management, trading, mining, ICOs, regulations, blockchain applications, and the future of the blockchain/cryptocurrency ecosystem. Read more at the official website of the event.

Northern Spain Blockchain Conference, Santander, Spain, January 20, 2018

Northern Spain Blockchain Conference (NSBC 2018) is the first conference in the North of Spain for professionals, entrepeneurs and academia dedicated exclusively to blockchain technologies. Learn more.

Real World Crypto 2018, Zurich, Switzerland, January 10–12, 2018

Real World Crypto Symposium aims to bring together cryptography researchers with developers implementing cryptography in real-world systems. The conference goal is to strengthen the dialogue between these two communities. Topics covered focus on uses of cryptography in real-world environments such as the internet, the cloud, and embedded devices. It is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR). Have a look at the conference program here.

FINTECHMATTERS Summit, Vienna, Austria, November 23, 2017

FitechMatters connects leading innovators, corporates, service providers, institutional and private investors based on their needs and interests. The event is a great experience and shortcut for all who want to find new investment opportunities, business partnerships and clients. Learn more.

Blockchain Meetup at SoftUni, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 26, 2017

Software University is inviting all members of the blockchain community to a one-day conference. Discussions will be about everything related to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the development of decentralized applications and technologies. Check out the speakers and schedule here (in Bulgarian).

World Innovations Forum, Zurich, Switzerland, November 14, 2017

The World Innovations Forum 2018 will bring together all Innovation Stakeholders from 50 countries, including Entrepreneurs, Investors, Enablers and Government Representatives for innovation and economic development. This first truly global startup/scaleup competition is part of the World Innovations Forum, nominating the best entrepreneurs in the world. Vlad will be pitching æternity during the event. Learn more.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference, Tokyo, Japan, Nov 11, 2017

Blockchain Labo is holding the first blockchain conference in Tokyo.
Experts from different countries will share their experience of implementing Blockchain, development and what happens next. Newly formed cryptocurrency companies will share their projects and investment opportunities. Have a look at the event.

Share Summit 2017, Shibuya, Japan, November 8–9, 2017

Share Summit 2017 will gather global experts of sharing economy to share their international perspective. It will also discuss about the front-line sharing service and the revolution of people’s life style. Read more.

Fourth South East European Regional Forum on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime, Sofia, Bulgaria, October 30–31, 2017

For a fourth year Sofia will gather over 300 cyber security experts from public and private sector, representatives of leading ICT companies, financial organisations, banks, pharmaceutical industry, logistics, energy and utility companies, NGOs, academia, law enforcement officials from over 20 countries, international organisations, media and end users. This is the biggest regional business-to-business, business-to-government and business-to-customer event. Learn more.

Blockchain for Finance Conference 2017, Dublin, October 3–4, 2017

The European meeting point for finance & technology professionals working to move blockchain projects from PoC to full-scale deployment. Find out more.

Crypto Economics Security Conference, California, USA, Oct 2–3

This conference will explore the economic security aspects of blockchains protocols, including game theory, incentive design, mechanism design and market design along with other topics related to crypto-ec onomics security, and to foster collaborations among researchers and practitioners working on these topics. More.

HackConf 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 30 — October 1, 2017

HackConf is one of the largest tech and motivational conferences in Bulgaria. he main purpose of the conference is to support the progress of developers, software engineers and IT specialists — and help them to become better in their work. Learn more.

#NEXT DIFI 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 29, 2017

The Financial Innovation Forum, bringing together industry leaders, policy makers, regulators and experts to explore the disruptive forces that are shaping the financial sector into the future and discuss where opportunities lie. It brings together people who want to discover the future of finance and help their company unveiling these new opportunities. Vlad will present the topic of Blockchain in Finance. Meet him there.

FinTech.li, SAL in Schaan, Liechtenstein, September 27, 2017

FinTech.li aims at rising awareness of the topic FinTech in the financial market in Liechtenstein. In addition, its goal is to foster the knowledge about financial technology and anchor the topic area in the financial center. Join the conference and meet æternity team members.

partial :: Conf, Sofia, Bulgaria, September 22–23, 2017

Software conference focusing on modern functional languages (like Erlang & Elixir) and technologies used on the web. Have a look at the schedule here.

d10e, Kiev, Ukraine, September 16–19, 2017

d10e is a numeronym for decentralization. In the past couple of years, the FinTech ecosystem embraced Bitcoin and other digital currencies, a movement which allowed multiple disruptive industries to explode. The race toward a unifying theme (decentralization) became evident and part of our everyday lives. Learn more.

Blockchain Tech Crypto Meetup, Essen, Germany, September 15–16

Vlad from the æternity team will talk about smart contract applications during the largest Crypto Meetup in Germany with more than 30 international blockchain speakers. Learn more.

Erlang User Conference 2017, Stockholm, June 8–9, 2017

Whether it’s embedded devices, distributed systems or scaling, research is always at the heart of the BEAM community. During this year’s event participants we’ll look at the most critical problems in the industry as a whole and try to propose possible solutions that can scale to millions of people. Find more about the conference here.

Crypto Valley Forum, Zug, June 6, 2017

Marion will give an overview of the key aspects of the æternity technology, talk about the wider project scope and explain how æternity faces competition and business development in the still small, but vibrant blockchain ecosystem. Learn more.

Blockchain Expo Europe, Berlin, June 1–2, 2017

Blockchain Expo will be arriving in the Estrel, Berlin, 1–2 June 2017, bringing together more than 1500 people across key industries for two days of world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies. Get involved.

Consensus 2017, New York, May 22–24, 2017

Consensus 2017 will feature 100+ speakers and 2,000+ attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy. Learn more.

Gottfried Von Haberler Conference, Vaduz, May 19, 2017

Invitation only event. The XIII. International Gottfried von Haberler Conference will take place on May 19, 2017 in Vaduz, at University of Liechtenstein. Topic: “The Economics and Politics of Interventionism” — German translation: “Wenn Bürokraten Unternehmer spielen: Die Politik des Interventionismus”. The event will be organized and hosted by ECAEF — European Center of Austrian Economics Foundation. Nikola will have the honor of meeting the H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. About the conference.

FinTech Matters 2017, Vienna, May 17, 2017

Marion Vogel will be pitching æternity at this year’s edition of FinTech Matters. The event aims at fostering collaboration and business integration between innovators, corporates, investors as well as ecosystem experts from the financial and banking industry. Learn more.

æternity Hong Kong Meetup, Hong Kong, May 14, 2017

Nikola and Yanislav will participate. The event will be held at City University of Hong Kong. See the Facebook event.

Founders Club Maastricht, Brightlands Campus, Heerlen, May 11, 2017

Go to the Brightlands Smart Services Campus this Thursday! You will get the chance to meet the godfather of Ethereum, Yanislav Malahov. Get more information here.

Blockchain Cologne, Cologne, May 4, 2017

Marion will speak about the roots of blockchain technology and why so many stumble upon them. You will get an overview of the ideological roots and motives of the blockchain movement. Find out how that innovative technology will be integrated into today’s socio-economic structures. Learn more.

Webit.Festival Europe, Sofia, April 25–26, 2017

Enterprises have already realized that the key to success in the digital economy is constant evolution, that can keep them competitive and relevant to customers. At this year’s Webit.Festival Europe participants can listen to some of the top experts in the world of finance and payments. During the FinTech & Blockchain Summit they will share their expectations about the development of money and finance worldwide and the role of technology in it. Vladislav and Nikola will be there. Learn more about Webit.Festival Europe.

Blockchain Stuttgart, April 24, 2017

Marion will be presenting æternity during a meetup, designed to connect people interested in the impact of the blockchain technology and how it can be used up to it’s potential. Read more.

BlockShow Europe 2017, Munich, April 6, 2017

Blockchain can be confidently called one of the most revolutionizing technologies for the past few decades. Yanislav, Nikola and Marion from team æternity will tell you why. Meet them at BlockShow Europe, CoinTelegraph’s major blockchain event of 2017. Get the details here.

CoinFestUK 2017, Manchester, April 7–8

Yanislav Malahov will be speaking during the top Manchester cryptocurrency event. CoinFest organizers aim to bring people together from all over the UK for two days packed full of speaker presentations, activities and raffles. More information here.

BlockchainUA, Kiev, March 17–19

We are sponsoring the largest event in Ukraine dedicated to blockchain technology. 30 experts from 10 countries and more than 500 participants will gather in Kiev to share experience in developing solutions for the financial industry. Check it out.

Financial Innovations Asia Summit, Hong Kong, March 15–16

The place to be for the most effective, inspiring, and innovative ideas in the FinTech industry. Nikola, æternity’s business developer, will participate in a masterclass on FinTech applications of blockchain technology. Learn more here.

Blockchain Finance & FinTech China, Shanghai, March 16

The event will bring together 400+ executives from the Asian financial sector and more than 50 speakers from around the world. æternity team members will take part in the panel discussion on FinTech and blockchain technology. More here.

FinTech Week, Tel Aviv, March 5–8

æternity’s technical lead Zack Hess put his extensive knowledge of blockchain technology to use by participating in the hackaton, organized during the conference. He created a website where a user can change the nlocktime of a transaction. The tool can be used to make an inheritance, so if the user passes, his money can go to his children or any predetermined address. He won second place.

CoinAgenda, San Juan, Puerto Rico, March 3–5

The Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors Conference, strategically scheduled to start right after the high-level Puerto Rico Investment Summit, will host a keynote by Yanislav Malahov, who will be presenting the æternity blockchain. Here is a tweet.

Convergence VC, Berlin

Our own Nikola and Yanislav went to Convergence VC’s event on January 31 at #openspace, Berlin. One of the more interesting applications of blockchain technology that was discussed was related to a symbiotic relationship with 3D printing. Great contacts and numerous discussions. Check out this tweet.

Blockchain Meetup, Liechtenstein

æternity’s founder Yanislav Malahov was one of the high-level speakers at the event. The panel was focused on the opportunities and limits of blockchain technology in the light of the latest developments in the sector. You can look at some photos from the event here.

Hacking.law, Berlin

æternity took part and sponsored Germany’s first legal hackathon connecting lawyers and digital innovators. Yanislav participated in a workshop and gave a presentation during event. Here is photo in tweet and a website link.

EDCON, Paris

æternity’s developers couldn’t miss the European Ethereum Development conference. A number of challenges related to smart contract scalability on Ethereum were discussed. Most of the talks confirmed our position — scalability remains a big hurdle on the road of commercial success of blockchain technology.

d10e, Bucharest

The leading conference on decentralization hosted æternity’s founder Yanislav Malahov. He shared a stage with cybersecurity and software pioneer John McAfee. The event was a great opportunity to discuss blockchain tech with professionals from various fields and arrange possible partnerships. You can watch Yanislav’s talk here.

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