State of Development: Week of Jan 29th, 2018

This week we delivered release 0.6.0.

This release features the æternity Naming System. Specification of the Naming System can be found at GitHub.

Information about the relevant API endpoints lives here.

Additionally, this release:

  • Refines and expands the user API.
  • Documents how to change the user configuration file in the Docker container. Have a look here.
  • Enhances the blockchain state trees, by using Merkle trees independent from the order of operations — i.e. Ethereum’s “modified Merkle Patricia tree,” modified by using SHA-256 (instead of Keccak) as hashing function.
  • Enhances the persistence by using a database (Mnesia).
  • Continues to improve the stability of the Testnet.

In the upcoming weeks we will focus on Smart Contracts and State Channels.

Feel free to submit your comments using GitHub issues on this dedicated page.

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