State of Development: Week of February 5th, 2018

This week we started working on our next release, 0.7.0.

  • We began work on our State Channels specification. We expect to have a first draft of the spec open for you to comment on next week.
  • We are making significant progress with the AEVM (Æternity Virtual Machine). We are getting close to the point when we will be able to execute bytecode of fairly complex Solidity contracts.
  • We are in the processes of switching from sha256 to Blake2 hash function, which will strengthen security of the blockchain.
  • We implemented API endpoints for:
    A) get balance of an address at a given block.
    B) get list of connected nodes/peers.
    C) get transactions related to a account.
  • We extended the oracle with endpoints for:
    A) retrieving list of unanswered oracle queries.
    B) retrieving list of known oracles.
  • Additionally we made multiple improvements in the persistence layer, Naming Systems, testing, and infrastructure.

Feel free to submit your comments using the dedicated GitHub issues page.

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