Introducing æternity’s Elixir Team [Part 1]

Despite being quiet, æternity’s Elixir team has been very active in the past months. It is time to do a formal introduction. Community, meet the Elixir team.

We are thrilled to present you the experts in æternity’s Elixir team. This will be done in two parts — one dedicated to the team leads and one to the developers engaged in learning and experimentation.

The æternity Elixir team is based in Sofia, Bulgaria and is supported by Quanterall, a local tech company with extensive experience in Erlang and Elixir development. Before we start with team member introductions, it is important to present the raison-d’être of æternity’s Erlang/Elixir dev crowd.

Elixir Team Goals

  • Educate new developers about blockchain technology by implementing a research-level blockchain for æternity in Elixir. Learn more on GitHub.
  • Educate developers about the BIP standards used in HD wallets and implement them in Elixir. Get the details on GitHub.
  • Build an adequate codebase for developers in order to enable them to experiment with implementation of advanced æternity features such as oracles, state channels and governance mechanisms.
  • Manage a hardware team whose goal is to understand the architecture of existing hardware wallets and improve them. Build an æternity wallet and a minimized wallet with different functionalities and better security.
  • Propose and build a prototype specification and implementation of æternity’s oracles, voting, governance, naming, payment and state channels, smart contracts, as well as onchain-scaling and sub-tokens.
  • Organize a web team for implementing a HD web wallet and explorer for æternity’s Elixir research blockchain.

The current Elixir implementation of æternity blockchain features spend transactions and is synced over the network, enabling multiple miners to reach consensus on the chain validity.

Elixir Team Leaders

The primary forces behind æternity’s Elixir team are Philipp and Anton.

Philipp Piwowarsky studied Mediainformatics at LMU Munich and has a great passion for developing well-engineered software, with clean code and by following agile methods. He is a long time Blockchain enthusiast and is always eager to learn everything possible in the space. He gained his software development experience by working in inspiring teams and projects for three years, engaging in many side projects and some open-source and non-profit activities. He is happy to have converted his hobby — blockchain technology — into his full-time job. Philipp is fascinated by Blockchain since it is the first technology that enables finding consensus in a trust-less environment. The interesting thing about this is the large number of sectors in the global economy that will be affected. He loves the idea of having inclusive payment systems that enable everybody in the world to take part without discrimination. Philipp believes that a future of commercially successful blockchain technology will enable better privacy, empower individuals, alleviate and even eradicate corruption and create a more egalitarian global society.

His work for æternity allows him to gain new valuable skills in leading a team and manage a project as well as in-depth experience in implementing blockchain systems. According to him, the goal for the Elixir team is to gain blockchain-related knowledge, which will allow the developers to innovate by themselves. This will be achieved by experimenting with many different technologies and in a wide spectrum of fields.

The primary goal is to build a generic blockchain implementation with Proof-of-Work, consensus mechanism and а working sync, with everybody in the team getting to know the needed components. When this is completed, the Elixir team will innovate further by developing prototypes and research implementations in the fields æternity wants to innovate in. [Philipp]

Anton Andonov has backend background in Computational and Theoretical Physics and long history of IT projects in the last 20 years. He is the Head of Computer Science Laboratory at the Institute for Advanced Physical Studies Sofia (IAPS) with a wide range of interests in Informatics and Physics. Anton is the founder of Quanterall, specializing in Elixir and Erlang-based development. He is excited about blockchain, because it could create many new jobs and fundamentally change the IT sector. According to him, blockchain technology will have an impact similar to that of the internet.

Anton believes that Elixir is more intuitive than Erlang and the development community is growing fast. He is confident that much of the innovation in the blockchain field will be driven by Elixir developers. Anton is excited to be part of a world-class blockchain project such as æternity and wants to contribute to the work that will be needed in order to make æternity one of the most successful projects in the industry.

All our developers have knowledge and experience in Erlang/Elixir development. Most of them have interests in backend development, IoT, augmented reality, and blockchain technology. With æternity on-board, our primary focus is blockchain. [Anton]

Expect the second part of our Elixir team introduction soon. For now, show your support to the Elixir people by including the #aelixir & #aeternity tags in your next tweet!

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