State of Development: Week of February 12th, 2018

Moving forward with smart contracts.

This week we have released a new version of Aeternity Epoch: 0.7.0. This release is focused on smart contracts: it provides HTTP API for compiling and running smart contracts and creating contract transactions. It also:

  • Refines the naming system by validating names and labels;
  • Replaces currently used sha256 hashing with BLAKE2b, which should provide better performance and security;
  • Expands the user API;
  • Adds a small localnet docker-compose configuration for testing and development purposes;
  • Refines the usage of the persisted database for the blockchain, optimizing memory usage;
  • Improves the stability of the testnet.

Note, that due to switching to BLAKE2b as hashing function and to stricter validation in naming system this release introduces backward incompatible changes in the chain format. After upgrading your node, you will not have your previous balance (even if you keep your key pair).

You are more than welcome to submit your comments using the dedicated GitHub issues page.

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