æpps Update: Beginning of March

To facilitate the mass adoption of decentralized technology at æternity we are constantly and consistently working towards achieving our imminent goals, mentioned in the previous post.

The æpps team aim is to:

  • To reduce friction in the user experience.
  • To reduce friction in the adoption of decentralized applications.
  • To create an empowering environment in which æpps designers and developers feel that they have the tools required to turn their ideas into reality.

Therefore, we have redesigned and are launching the following two entry points:

  • aepps.com — the portal, where aepps users can explore all æternity æpps and gain deeper insight into how the Bæse æpp and core æpps work.
  • dev.aepps.com — the æpps developer portal, which provides a single destination, listing all the resources created and made available for æternity æpps development.


æpps.com is the main entry point into æternity’s æpps ecosystem. Its primary function is to provide all of the information needed for æternity’s users to effectively navigate.

This redesign takes into account the fact that many potential users may be relatively new to the blockchain space. Therefore it was paramount to provide accessible information detailing æternity’s Bæse æpp.

We are also showcasing the practicalities of æternity’s core æpps, as they represent the native functionalities within the ecosystem.

In addition, we are also providing users access to all of æternity’s æpps. We hope this area will grow quickly as the æpps ecosystem evolves.

We have worked hard to clearly describe what each æpp allows the user to do, how it works, how it looks, and what this might mean for the future. Each æpp can be launched via the description which also includes a few additional data points.

With the redesign of aepps.com we are aiming to bring users closer to æternity’s æpps and provide them with the key information and the entry points they need to begin their journey. We remain committed to the continuous improvement of the æpps’ utility and a seamless user experience, including downloading, understanding, and utilising them.


We are also working to provide tools for another very important audience: æpps developers. æternity’s ecosystem is fueled by developers who have been, and will continue to make æpps from which countless users will benefit from. Thus, we are creating and refining a single entry point for æpps developers.

dev.aepps.com will provide the guides and documentation that æpps developers require. In addition to the ‘Getting Started’ information detailing the æpps components, it consolidates information and documentation about æternity’s æpps directly from the æpps prototype repository. This allows the team to:

  • Always render the correct and full documentation of the æpps that are being released.
  • Offer a system that automatically updates as new docs are released.

The result is a straight-forward, TOC-like list that provides all the information and support an æpps developer might need to start making an æpp.

The æpps development portal will grow as new æpps development resources are added. If you are interested in contributing to the development resources documentation, feel free to submit a pull request directly to the GitHub repository. Your support will not go unnoticed.

Updated Iconography

In addition the aepps.com redesign and the dev.aepps.com portal launch, the æpps team redesigned the core æpps icons.

Providing appropriate and accurate iconography is paramount for the articulation of the fundamental blockchain concepts. It is important for to impact æternity’s users on all levels — from the most conceptual to the fully visceral.

Moving Forward

We are excited to be making steady progress within æternity’s æpps ecosystem. We continue to develop more æpps as well as other high-level innovations, which we will be announcing soon. As always, feel free to get in touch with us through all social media channels and leave comments directly on GitHub.

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