State of Development: Week of March 5th, 2018

In parallel to sync protocol improvements, the dev team started work on æternity’s state channels.

This week we have introduced our next release that is dedicated to improving and securing peer syncing protocol:

  • A secure peer-to-peer communication will be facilitated by the Noise Protocol Framework.
  • In addition, multiple improvements have been made to the stability and performance of the sync.

In parallel, we are working on extending the instructions set of the VM and we have began to implement state channels — a component allowing for the off-chain execution of smart contracts and transactions.

We are also evaluating Bitcoin-NG as a possible alternative to the current consensus algorithm. One major advantage of Bitcoin-NG is the shorter block confirmation times, which is very desirable when building user-centric distributed applications.

You are welcome to support our efforts through the dedicated GitHub issues page.

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