æpps Update: End of April

The æpps team is now focused on porting existing apps to æternity’s Testnet.

Porting æpps to the æternity Testnet

Back in the summer of last year, we made it our mission to create user-friendly æpps, test their functionality, and improve the overall user experience. When we began this process we did so on the Ethereum Kovan Testnet and Mainnet. This is an exciting time for the æternity æpps team because in the last sprint we began porting our æpps to the æternity Testnet with the Base æpp (previously known as Identity Manager) as one of the first to be ported. This æpp holds our most fundamental piece of functionality as it is the starting point from which users manage their accounts and associated balances, providing core functionality as well as activating the æpps ecosystem.

Improvements to the Desktop x Mobile Connection

The Desktop x Mobile connection functionality is under heavy development at the moment and it might look quite different in future releases.

In the last sprint we made the following improvements to it:

We have streamlined the process of connecting devices to the Base æpp on a user’s smartphone by adding a clear indication of status. This helps to indicate whether or not an æpp is connected to an account as well as to show which steps the user needs to go through to connect to the Base æpp on their phone.

Clicking on the bottom bar opens an overlay, which instructs the user how to connect their desktop client with their mobile device.

Additionally, now users can connect multiple devices to their smartphone and are able to give each device a unique name. A user can also revoke any device’s access to their smart phone at any given time.

The æpps Team is Growing!

Our team is constantly growing to facilitate the bold, innovative nature of our goals. During the last sprint we added another member to the æpps team. He will be working on an æpp that we will revel soon. Stay tuned 🙂

Get in Touch With Us!

As always feel free to comment and ask questions directly on GitHub. We appreciate all contributions.

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