State of Development: Week of April 16th, 2018

The system test suite is now implemented. Complex tests running.

Our previous release saw the introduction of basic support for backward compatible chain change (hard fork without restarting the chain). In this week’s release, we continue our work on improving and optimizing support for hard forks.

There is one thing that æternity’s core dev team is especially passionate about and that’s:


For the last few weeks, we have been working on creating a system test suite that would allow us to run complex tests for our p2p infrastructure, identify problems, and, of course, fix them. Now, as the test suite is ready, we are able to run elaborate tests that emulate various real-life scenarios and give us a certainty that as we introduce new features, the æternity network remains stable and operational.

An example of such a test will be introduced this week, in which two subnets communicate, building a fork of substantial size, and when the subnets are joined the valid one would be in a new status quo where all nodes are on the same chain again.

For the next few weeks, part of the team will be focused on creating such tests, so that we can be confident in the accuracy and stability of æternity’s network.

Finally, we hosted a workshop for our smart contracts development team in Gothenburg. Very productive discussions, new challenges, brilliant solutions!

Mystery man 🙂 Stay tuned!

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