æpps Update: Beginning of May

In order to realize our goal of bringing blockchain technology to mass adoption we are constantly looking for real-life use cases to show the magic of blockchain. While participating in the re:publica conference in Berlin we decided to make use of æternity blockchain technology to do something very practical — give out free beer!

Distributing the Tokens

We created 10,000 paper cards, each with a unique QR code, and placed them in the conference goodie bags. Upon scanning the QR code an attendee is taken to a wallet which runs in any web browser and is preloaded with 1,252 beer tokens (from the æternity Testnet).

Ordering Beer

The user is then presented with the option to use the tokens to order a beer, send them to someone else (who may like beer more than them), receive tokens from someone else to order beer, or view a list of all the beer-related transactions they have participated in.

To order beer the user chooses how many beers they would like, with each beer valued at 1,000 tokens. Once they have selected the number of beers they would like to order the æpp validates if their token balance could cover the beers they would like to order. If this is the case, the æpp asks the user if they would like to sign/confirm the transaction. Once they do so, we receive a message notifying us that we should start preparing the beer… Once the drink is ready to collect the user can see the status change on their screen.

At that point they can come to our conference booth and claim their beer(s) by showing us their unique QR code.

Giving Beer to Someone Else

If a user is not interested in ordering beer themselves, they can give their tokens to someone else, perhaps a more avid beer connoisseur… They do so by typing in the recipient’s name (we are utilizing æternity’s integrated naming system for this functionality) or scanning their QR code. Names were pre-generated for all paper cards with unique QRs and were easily searchable.

Receiving Beer

If a user would like to receive somebody else’s tokens they simply need to show their QR code for the other user to scan.

Other Options

In addition to the actions described above the user can learn more about the æpp, the æternity project, view all of their orders, view all of their transactions and choose to see the æpp in another language.

What’s Next

We have another post that will describe the in-person experience of the Beer æpp at re:publica.

As always feel free to comment and ask questions directly on GitHub. We appreciate all contributions.

Finally, here are some comments from the Beer App users:


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