State of Development: Week of April 30th, 2018

Virtual machine written in Erlang, state channels & Bitcoin-NG.

For the past several weeks our smart contracts team have been working on preparing the first version of Virtual Machine (VM) written in Erlang and capable of running Solidity and, most importantly, our brand new functional Sophia-based smart contracts.

This week we have completed a release-ready version of VM. This release does not yet support all features of the languages but it allows writing non-trivial smart contracts and deploying them to the testnet.

In parallel, we are finalising our work on supporting hard forks and preparing MVP versions of Bitcoin-NG proof of work and State Channels that will become available in upcoming releases.

If you have any questions or comments for the dev team, please submit them in the dedicated issues page in GitHub.

…Something Completely Different

Ulf Winger, an Erlang veteran who participated in the development of the AXD 301 – arguably the most complex system ever built in Erlang and now member of the æternity team, shared this great video of Yanislav Malahov (Founder) making a speech during the House of Blockchain opening event in Liechtenstein. Enjoy!

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