Announcing æternity’s Forum

With the aim of focusing online discussions on the topic of æternity, we are launching a new forum.

School of Athens by Raphael Sanzio

During the last few weeks, æternity’s new forum was mentioned sporadically in various pieces of content and shared in all communication channels. Since the Forum is now fully operational, we would now like to formally announce it.

æternity’s forum is now live! ✨


The primary aim of the forum is to provide a well-organized space for more focused discussions on the topic of “æternity”. As such, it makes the roles of Slack and Gitter in æternity’s communication strategy obsolete and they will be closed down soon. We will start informing the users of those platforms to migrate to the forum next week.

Using the Forum

Anyone will be able to browse the forum contents without registering. If they want to participate in the discussions, however, they will need to click on “Sign Up” in the upper right corner of the page:

and create a new account by filling-in a short form:

You will get an email.

Click on the link inside to active your account and you are done!

Forum Categories

The forum is organized in the following categories:

  • Introduce yourself — Shine! Who are you and why you are interested in æ?
  • Technical — Dedicated to æternity’s core technology and development.
  • Meetups — Dedicated to users organizing æternity-related meetups.
  • Æpps — Discussions about æternity’s æpps.
  • Beginners — Includes a FAQ section. Ask general questions about æternity!
  • Incubation — Dedicated to æternity’s Incubator program.
  • Mining — Mining AE.
  • Hackathons — The place where hackathon teams communicate.
  • Ambassadors — Dedicated to the æternity’s æmbassador program.
  • Announcements — News about æternity.
  • Rændom  Anything that does not fit in the other categories.

Looking Forward to Seeing You There!

We want æternity’s forum to become THE PLACE where the community goes for answers. We will be constantly monitoring the forumand will try to provide answers as soon as possible. So, don’t be shy and:


Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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