Announcing æternity's Æmbassador Program!

Let’s build æternity together. The doors are open to anyone willing to support æternity on its mission to bring scalable blockchain technology to the people around the world.

Have you ever thought of supporting æternity beyond the Internet? Do you want to help get the word out and take part in a growing open source ecosystem? Then what are you waiting for?

Welcome the local æternity community to your neighborhood by holding blockchain meetups and join the æternity family! Become a part of the global æmbassador program and you will be guided and supported to bring æternity to your region.

Since the beginning of the æmbassador program in 2018, more than 270 æternity community meetups have been organized in 30 countries worldwide — from Ireland to India, South Africa to Canada.

As an æternity æmbassador, you will receive guidance and technical support as well as merchandise materials to help you host excellent æternity events at universities, co-working spaces, or any other relevant blockchain spaces.

Organizing meetups will allow you to expand your professional networks; you might even get invited to some interesting blockchain conferences in your area! As you advance within the program, you will have the opportunity to organize hæckathons, moderate online webinars, travel to other places, and train new æmbassadors in your region. All of these qualify for different types of bounties based on your activity.

Eventually, becoming an æternity æmbassador will allow you to build up your technical knowledge and curriculum in the blockchain industry.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill up this form so the æternity team can learn more about you. We are always looking for enthusiastic supporters to spread æternity’s message in their region.

Everyone is welcome to get on board and spread æternity’s vision of scalable blockchain technology for the masses.

Contact æternity’s Global æmbassador Erik Vollstädt to learn more about the program and opportunities via mail or Telegram @erikv_93.

You can find the most recent æmbassador events in the Forum. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments through the threads! Community feedback is essential to an open source project and new members are absolutely welcome to join the ecosystem.

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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