æternity @ Chainges, Amsterdam

Stoyan and Vlad had a great time during the recent Chainges event in Amsterdam. They decided to share their experience with the community ina short photo-post.

If the Chainges conference can be summarized with a single word, that would be exhilarating.

The event took place on May 4–5 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

We had perfect weather over both days and we were delighted to see such high caliber attendees! Vlad gave a presentation entitled “Scaling Decentralized Applications” which can be accessed here, while Stoyan organized and led an æpps-related workshop. Vlad spoke with so many people that his voice was almost gone by the time he had to go on-stage for his presentation. He was also engaging with attendees at æternity’s booth after the talk.

Everyone was very interested in æternity and wanted not only the one-line pitch, but all the details — technological, community, team and regulatory!

Since we love æternity’s community, we gave away several free tickets to local supporters. Here is a photo of Vlad with Clarke Verdel, a fan 🙂

The stage of the conference looked great:

At 16:05 on Friday May 4 Vlad took to the stage and gave a 30 minute talk about:

  • The similarities of “Internet” and “Blockchain”
  • The certain but useful death of most token crowd-funded projects
  • Challenges on the road to mainstream adoption of decentralized applications
  • æternity’s team and technological features
  • An overview of some of æternity’s æpps

Take a look at some photos:

Stoyan did a splendid job by helping Vlad with the sea of questions and managing a 3-hour long workshop:

On the second day, both Vlad and Stoyan had interviews with the local æternity community members. Huge thanks to — Mick de Graaf, Diederik Loerakker, Dirk Jan de Groot and Chris — you guys are the best!

All in all — a GREAT event!

We are already looking forward to returning next year to talk about æternity from the perspective of a functioning platform, supporting numerous commercially successful æpplications!

#Mainnet #Launch

æternity blockchain is a catalyst of change and…

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