æpps Update: Middle of May

At æternity we are making steady progress towards developing æpps use cases as well as the tools needed to create them and thus facilitate the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Chainges æpps Workshop

As mentioned in our previous blog post we had a great and incredibly productive time at Chainges, the conference in Amsterdam on May 5–6. Vlad gave a talk which touched on æpps use cases and the ecosystem. Stoyan held a 3-hour long workshop on developing æpps.

The workshop format was the following:

  • Participants were split into teams
  • Each team was given 20 minutes to come up with an æpp use case, taking advantage of æternity’s unique features (oracles, state channels, naming system, etc.)
  • Each team was asked to present their æpp use case and explain which æternity features it would take advantage of
  • Teams were then asked how they would address potential issues/fault lines with their projects
  • In the end, each team was asked what support would be most useful to them (ex. funding, working space, access to specific mentors, etc.)

After the workshop each team was asked to submit a summary of the points mentioned above. The more interesting use cases and capable teams have been directed towards æternity’s incubator program, to be developed into real projects/æpps.

You can read more about æternity team’s experience at Chainges here:


Beer æpp

In May æternity attended the re:publica, a conference in Berlin, where we presented the Beer æpp that the æpps team developed. The æpp allowed users to turn their free tokens into beer (you can read more details about the æpp here).

Using this functionality to give away beer at re:publica conference was a novel and enlightening experience for everyone who participated. From this, we believe that the same concept, offering goods through tokens, can be used in other contexts/scenarios/events.

Like all of the æpps that we develop, the Beer æpp is open-source on GitHub and we are inviting our community to discuss how it can be adapted/repurposed for other uses on our forum:


æternity Smart Contracts Now on Sophia

We have begun to migrate the smart contracts for our æpps from Ethereum to Sophia, æternity’s smart contract language.

Sophia is a language in the ML family. It is strongly typed and has a restricted mutable state. As Sophia is geared towards smart contracts, which can be published to a blockchain (the æternity blockchain), some features of conventional languages, such as floating point arithmetic, are not present in Sophia and some blockchain specific primitives, constructions and types have been added.

You can read more about Sophia here:


New Version of æpps Components

We are continuously growing and evolving the tools we make available to anyone interested in building æpps on top of æternity. We recently released version 2.0.11 of our æpps Components, which can be found at:


You can find out more about the improvements we made directly in the GitHub repo. You can also send your comments/question in the dedicated æpps category in the Forum.

Interested in æternity? Get in touch:

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