State of Development: Week of May 14th, 2018

Last week the æternity dev team focused on enabling smart contract execution in State Channels, implementing Bitcoin-NG and extensive testing.

We are continuing our work on the State Channels feature. Currently one can open a state channel, transfer funds and mutually close the channel however some work is still needed to enable the execution of smart contracts in a State Channels and this is one of the tasks our core dev team is currently focusing on.

Meanwhile, our testing team has started creating hundreds of system tests for State Channels in order to make sure that our code works correctly.

Another major task we are working on is implementing Bitcoin-NG as a consensus protocol. The core of the protocol is implemented and now we are focused on adjusting the rest of the code to integrate the Bitcoin-NG into our system (adjusting persistent strategy for key/micro blocks, extending fork handling to cover micro-forks, extending validation to handle microblocks and keyblocks, etc.).

The majority of this work is expected to wrap up this week and the 0.14.0 release is scheduled for Thursday.

You can join the dedicated Bitcoin-NG and State Channels topic in the Forum

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