Map of æternity’s æmbassadors!

The æmbassador network is expanding. Find out which countries feature a local æternity meetup.

We are proud to present the current map of æternity’s community-driven æmbassador activities around the world. Many of you have volunteered to make this possible and we would love to see you bring æternity to your city.

Interactive map

Some of æternity’s most active æmbassadors are currently in China, Ireland and Argentina, but we are aiming for a truly global, active community. As we are approaching Mainnet launch, æternity users around the world will have the opportunity to become æmbassadors and receive AE for presenting æternity to their local peers. If you are interested in building a local community, let us know by filling-in the form below.


Joining the international æmbassador team will help you build your professional network and enhance your knowledge about the blockchain space. You will get access to local cryptocurrency/blockchain-related conferences and events that will expand your perspective on the industry. By hosting æternity meetups you will get to know other enthusiasts and possibly — future business associates.

If you are a developer interested in blockchain technology and decentralized applications, becoming an æmbassador would be an important step towards the æternity ecosystem. It entails business opportunities with æternity’s Starfleet Incubator, a network of global contacts, as well as support from the marketing, æpps and dev teams.

The æmbassador network is constantly expanding. Users all over the world are spreading the vision of æternity as an open, efficient, future-proof blockchain platform for mobile-friendly decentralized applications. Become part of this global network of blockchain enthusiasts and talented developers! Introduce æternity’s technology and vision to your local community! They will appreciate it.

UPDATE: Almost one year later, æternity’s æmbassador network doesn’t stop expanding. The æternity crypto foundation took the initiative to update the Map of æternity’s æmbassadors and their 190 meetups (as of September 2019). Check it out below:

UPDATE: æternity Universe One — the first conference dedicated to the latest R&D in the blockchain space and æternity, took place on September 20–21, 2019 in Prague. Several æternity æmbassadors joined Erik Vollstädt for a Panel Discussion on the topic: “Building Global Communities with æternity”. Watch it below:

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