Polishing the Codebase for Mainnet Launch

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński

Testing, testing, and some more testing. And then some more.

We remain being busy polishing the codebase in preparation for the launch of the æternity Mainnet. At the moment, the team is concentrating its efforts in the following areas:

  • load testing
  • optimization
  • final experiments and adjustments to gas fees
  • critical and major bug fixes
  • preparations required for the generation of genesis block

Last week, the following updates were made to the æternity node:

  • accounts.json, a JSON object with keys being the pubkeys and values — the amounts of aettos that will be a part of the Genesis Block, were adapted for handling amounts of tokens as strings. This was done to avoid any issues that could be caused by rounding errors from JavaScript generating this file.
  • Switch back to base64encoding for all binary data but identifiers. The reason is due to a very poor performance for large byte arrays.
  • Check on minimum fee for transactions that makes sure that the given fee is larger than the minimum transaction fee combined with the size fee.
  • Initially Mainnet’s Naming Service will only support .test registrar. It was decided to temporary restrict the name space to avoid name squatting until an appropriate pricing mechanism is implemented (e.g. auctioning). We plan to begin working on pricing for names directly after the Mainnet launch and eventually introduce it with the next hard fork.
  • Numerous performance and load tests as well as bug fixes.

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