Meetup Bounty: Become an æmbassador for Europe and North America

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Announce æternity’s Roma Release in your local community and receive a bounty!

With æternity’s Roma Release a reality, meetups organized by local communities are becoming more important than ever.

æternity is the first blockchain 3.0 platform that implements Bitcoin-NG consensus on a Proof-of-Work mining algorithm (the Cuckoo Cycle). It is the only public blockchain that incorporates State Channels and Oracles on the protocol layer, enabling numerous unique use cases. Your fellow blockchain enthusiasts must learn about this! Now is the best time to meet up offline, discuss æternity’s features and brainstorm what could be the next killer æpp.

In order to spread the word about the launch of æternity’s first live implementation, we are announcing a special æmbassador campaign!

The goal is to encourage blockchain enthusiasts to take the first steps towards building a local community and inspire their peers to join the æternity movement. Are you a miner? Seize the opportunity to explain to your fellow crypto aficionados how to mine on the æternity blockchain!

The current campaign is a unique opportunity to become part of the æmbassador program and represent æternity in your city!


  • A meetup should be organized in a city in Europe or in North America with a population of over 100,000 people
  • Minimum attendance requirement is 10 people (speaker not included)
  • The meetup host must submit photos and videos of the event to the æmbassador manager — Erik — via email (erik[at]
  • The meetup host must acquire AE merchandise, food and drinks before the meetup; reimbursements will be provided in AE tokens on a case by case basis
  • The date and location of the meetup must be discussed and approved by the æmbassador manager
  • For cities with population below 1 million people, only 1 meetup during the campaign is allowed; for cities with population over 1 million people, no more than 2 meetups are allowed
  • Each meetup organizer will receive a bounty. The bounty will be calculated based on the average salary in the city where the meetup is held. Please consult the æmbassador manager about the exact amount
  • It is required to make social media posts about your meetup, which should be published in a social media outlet managed by the host (blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), as well as on the æternity Forum.
  • Meetup hosts are required to comply with æternity’s communication guidelines (æmbassador manager will support you with this)

You can announce your intention to join the æmbassador program by December 16, 2018

Get in touch with us today and become part of æternity!

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