æternity’s Roma Release is Here

Release 1.0.0, as well as several subsequent releases, are targeted at technical users, primarily miners and developers.

Last week, æternity’s core developer team had a meetup in Rome, Italy that was focused on releasing version 1.0.0 of the Epoch æternity node, also known as Roma Release, and worked on the development roadmap for the coming months.

The Roma Release is a feature-complete, production-ready release of the æternity blockchain. Having successfully finished Tokens Migration Phase 0, we were also able to include balances of all accounts that have migrated their ERC20 æternity tokens during this phase in the Genesis Block: accounts.json.

To ensure the community that no pre-mining took place, the messages.json file, that includes messages left by the first contributors and part of the Genesis Block, contains the hash of a bitcoin block at height 551724, which was mined at 17:39 27.11.2018:

{“from”:”00000000000000000016a969fde94ca1d319f76ddd8b89b46d372f55efbb3b20″,”messages”:[“BTC height: 551724”]}

With all the features that were planned for the first live release of æternity blockchain and the Genesis Block as part of the release, the Roma Release can be used by miners and developers for bootstrapping the æternity blockchain.

NOTE: Release 1.0.0, as well as several subsequent releases, are targeted at technical users, primarily miners and developers.

The account balances in the accounts.json file, as well as mining rewards, are intended to represent actual æternity tokens. However, early adopters of Roma Releases must be aware that these releases may still include bugs, which, as we work with the community, test and monitor the network, will be weeded out. Therefore, at this initial stage, we recommend taking a cautious approach to transferring tokens between accounts.

The binaries of the release can be downloaded here and configured according to the instructions provided in this document. Alternatively, the release binary can be built from source, as described here.

We are now focusing on improving the mining experience, developing user-oriented tools and showcasing the amazing technology that æternity introduced to the blockchain sphere.

æternity is a decentralized project. It is up to everyone to contribute and make it better. Any efforts to help the core, æpp and marketing teams are more than welcome and will be greatly appreciated. We are all æternity.

To get in touch, please use the Forum or GitHub.

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