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Release 1.1.0. went out last Thursday. Here are the details.

Last week the Roma team (the team responsible for supporting and updating æternity’s Roma release 1.X.X) was wrapping up tasks that were scheduled for release 1.1.0.

The 1.1.0. release went out on 13.12.2018 with the following features:

  • Fine tuned severity of the log message in case of invalid request on the user HTTP API — from warning to info.
  • Detailed the Sophia compiler error reason, returned in the HTTP response body of path /debug/contracts/code/compile; This is a backward compatible enhancement of the user HTTP API.
  • Fine tuned the validation of user API requests. The request body must now be smaller than approx. 5 MB (was 8 MB) and must be received within 10 s (was 15 s).
  • Fine tuned the severity of the log message in case of unexpected validation result of user HTTP API request — from error to warning.
  • Added network_id to /status endpoint. This is a backward compatible enhancement of the user HTTP API.
  • Disabled mining autostart by default and made beneficiary optional when mining is not enabled.
  • Redesigned how the node interacts with the miner. Passing the nonce as a separate option.
  • Introduced the repeats option to mining to allow the miner to make several attempts in one context.
  • Added support for multiple mining workers inside the node. Also added the configuration instances: N to allow for multi GPU mining.
  • Shipped Linux CUDA GPU miners (cuda29, lcuda29) in the Ubuntu release package — from now GPU mining is available out of the box on Linux.

As with all 1.X.X releases, this release is backward compatible with v1.0.0.

In parallel, we are preparing a binary of the Windows version of the æternity node. If you are interested, have a look at this thread in the æternity Forum, where the closed test of the Windows version is conducted.

For our next release we will deviate from our bi-weekly release cycle scheduling release 1.2.0 for 10.1.19 (Thursday). The reason for this is quite obvious: the only thing that is worse than releasing and deploying on Friday evening is releasing and deploying between Christmas and New Year. 🙂

We regard highly any efforts to test/improve/discuss the æternity code and are thrilled to have so many users in Forum who engage with us.

Thank you all for the support!

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